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Captain Marvel Victorious!

Much later than I had wanted here’s my newest LEGO image, Captain marvel defeats the Daleks. I had planned this for new comic Wednesday but didn’t like my first series so I reshot it. The Daleks are from Character Building and Captain Marvel is a custom minifigure. I’m really proud of the how this one turned out.

LEGO Captain Marvel

Daleks, Daleks, Daleks

dalek toys
Be careful when you open these blind bags. The parts fall out some where in my truck there is a mini Gunstick.

Daleks mini-figures from Dr Who character building  series 1-3

Doctor Who Tees

Double Doctor Who shirts at Teefury.  Oct 10 only.


docoto who daleks

Robot Tober Day Three

Welcome to Robot Tober. I decided to challenge myself to do a post a day for this month. The theme for the month is Robots. each day I plan to post a pic of a robot, mech, or power suit action figure.

Today’s toy is a Dalek from Doctor Who Character Building series 3.

Doctor Who character building dalek

Daleks, Bigger on the blueprints

I’m still working on a caption for this. any suggestions?

1) Next time we hire someone that knows the metric system.
2) They’re bigger on the blueprints.
3) Not to scale
4) Did not Extrapolate!

Also this weekend we’ll be at ConNooga. If you are near Chattanooga drop by and visit. This year they have an exhibit hall only ticket. Which lets people who just want to shop visit the dealer’s room and not the rest of the convention.

Darth Maul Returns. #5

The Phantom Menace has returned to the big screen, this time in 3D. Lucasfilm is promoting the re-release with packaging and advertising featuring Darth Maul. This spring he returns to the small screen in The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Wait what? He was cut in two. That’s no flesh wound.

Here’s another Yoda Archives prediction of what the new Darth Maul will look like.

#5 Dalek Maul

At ConNooga this past week I found some Doctor Who Micro-Figure from Character Building. Thank you Fan Boy glass For carrying them. The figures are sold in blind bags so you don’t know which mini you will get. I got a few packs wanted more but had to stay on budget for the con.