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LEGO Star Wars Advent Dec 13

It’s time for LEGO advents. Every day till Christmas Eve we open a door of the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar (#75340) What is today’s LEGO advent item? This years there’s some tie in with the LEGO Holiday special, more ugly sweaters.

What is today’s LEGO Advent item?

Today’s advent item is a sand castle of Darth Vader Castle’s on Mustafar. It comes with a shovel and bucket.

We are also opening the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special advent calendar. That post will be up later today.

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LEGO Star Wars Advent Dec 12

It’s time for LEGO advents. Every day till Christmas Eve we open a door of the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar (#75340) What is today’s LEGO advent item? This years there’s some tie in with the LEGO Holiday special, more ugly sweaters.

What is today’s LEGO Advent item?

Today advent item is Darth Vader is a tank top. Darth Vader wore the top in the LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation special. This is a colorful and funny build. The shirt is of sunset at a beach on Scarif with a sun and the Death Star in the Sky. There are silhouetted tie-fighters and palm trees.

Vader also has swim flippers and a beach ball. This is a highlight of the calendar.

It has more printing on the back. The Citadel Tower of Scarif.

We are also opening the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special advent calendar. That post will be up later today.

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It takes a lot of work and time to create this art. Consider supporting us. * Venmo

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I Am Your Candidate.

LEGO Stormtrooper wearing a vote Darth Vader tee

This awesome custom torso is from Eclipse Grafx. They have shirts for the less interesting candidates as well. They also have some cool vending machine sets, that I didn’t see when I ordered this torso and a couple other bricks.

Brick Knight at shirtpunch

The Brick Knight returns. This shirt was offered a while back at an US tee-shirt shop now it is at  ShirtPunch for Sept 8th. Plus Darth Vader, Ghost Busters, and Futurama. Take your pick at shirtPunch today.

SPPW1_-_September_8_-_The_Brick_Knight_-_Alecxps SPPM1_-_September_8_-_Rise_of_an_Empire_-_Soulkr SPPW2_-_September_8_-_New_New_Yorker_-_JangoSnow SPPM2_-_September_8_-_House_of_Puft_-_BiggStankDogg




Ever have one of those days?

lego antman geeting the boot from darth vader

Ant-man is in over his head.


Ad for the Star Wars Microfighters.

Minions in Despecable Escape and Darkside of Force from ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

Two original trilogy Star Wars themed shirts at  ShirtPunch on April 27. Darkside of the force mashes Darth Vader and Akira. while Despicable Escape merges the Death Star Escape with minions.

SP_-_SPPM_Mockup1b_46a SP_-_SPPW_Mockup1b_bf0

Plus Doctor Who at ShirtPunch TV.



ShirtPunch is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.

And At TeeFury  has (LEGO) Good Cop, Bad Cop, Ugly Cop by DWdesigns in their after hours section for $14 but only till 9am EST.


Target Valentines Aisle

Target has their Valentines merchandise out. They have a few cool Star Wars items, Darth Vader and Yoda candy dispensers. Some Coffee mugs with candy Darth Vader has been kissed and had a lip print on his helmet. There are also valentine hearts with classic marvel Star wars comic book art on them.
The were also toys. A LEGO sea plane polybag, Knex Pac-man blind bags, Angry Birds blind bags and Disney princess toys. They also had Megs Bloks first builder toys. it just a brick and a figure.
Have you seen any cool toys in the valentines sections?

Watch “Saving Star Wars” and benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation


In 2004, DAVE (DARTH VADER) PROWSE, filmmaker Gary L. Wood, and the worldwide fan army, the 501st Legion, joined forces to save “Star Wars”. In 2013, it appears they may have succeeded.

To celebrate, and to say Thank You to the 501st who, in addition to “trooping” in their amazing costumes, have always made charity events and fundraising a part of their on-going mission, Dave and WoodWorks Films have made their award-winning, cult hit, “Saving Star Wars” available to stream online and will donate $2 from every viewing to Make-A-Wish in the name of the 501st.

saving Star Wars poster

To sweeten the deal, this offer isn’t just for the over 6000 members of the 501st worldwide. Any viewings of the movie from Labor Day Weekend, August 30 to Sunday, Sept 8, 2013, will generate $2 for Make-A-Wish, so spread the word to family and friends, even Jedi.

Ten years ago, “Saving Star Wars” told the story of two “Star Wars” fans that accidentally kidnapped George Lucas while trying to honor the wish of an ill child. The Wish? To SAVE “Star Wars”….All NINE films we were promised. For the last 10 years it has traveled all over world, including DVDs of the movie hand-delivered to key members of George Lucas’ team. Today, “Star Wars” lives on.

See the little movie that, with the help of Darth Vader and the Bloodfin Garrison of the 501st, may have helped convinced Mr. Lucas to let the sequels be made.

Grab the family and friends this holiday weekend, enjoy the movie that The called “A Must See!” and help Make-A-Wish continue to make dreams come true.

Watch “Saving Star Wars” instantly here:

Load Captain Solo into the cargo bay.

han solo in carbonite gru and despicable me minoins


Appearing in this scene Despicable Me 2 Gru, Dave and Minion Surprise minions; Carl, Stuart, and  plus Power of the Force Han Solo in carbonite.


The real reason the Death Star was destroyed.

The real reason behind the destruction of the Death Star.

Minions, death star, despicable me 2

Appearing in this scene despicable me 2 Minion Surprise minions; Carl, Stuart, and Tim, plus Power of the Force Death Star.

Update: Someone found this blog by searching “are the despicable me 2 blind bags available at Target?” The answer as far as I can tell in no. At least not yet. An associate tried to help my wife find them there. They checked the despicable me 2 toys, the card end cap and the card and toys at the register. They did not have them. He said if we had the UPC we could scan an see if they were in store. So next time I went to Target I took the barcode from a bag and scanned it and the self scan. The scanner said item not found. So Target does not currently have the blind bags. They do have the action figures and they are cheaper there than at Toys R Us or K-mart. TRU and K-mart are the only place I’ve found the blind bags so far.
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Exculsive Minifigs with DVD or Target and Back Again

March was great for Mini-fig collectors. There were two dvd releases that included exclusive min-figs. Target had an exclusive Bilbo Baggins mini fig with the Hobbit DVD/Blu-ray combo pack. Plus the Cartoon network LEGO Star Wars special, The Empire Strikes Out had an exclusives Darth Vader mini-fig. I’ll tell you about my experience with each.

Bilbo LEGO from Target.

I’ll start with The Empire Strikes Out DVD cause it a shorter story. The special aired on Cartoon Network last September. Last time there was a Star Wars:LEGO special the dvd release was announced right after wards. This time it took a while for the announcement. Speculation was what would mini-fig if any, would be included in the dvd release. This time it was Darth Vader with a medal.

The figure looks pretty cool and an alternate Darth Vader is always cool. The dvd retail for $14.99 but Amazon and Target have it for $9.99. It was easy to find on the shelfs at Target unlike the Hobbit dvd. The dvd was released on March 26.

When it was revealed that Target would offer an exclusive mini-fig with the purchase of The Hobbit dvd/Blu-ray combo I was eager to shop at Target. I decided to pre-order the set. I was afraid the store would sell out before I could get there. So I ordered from, the delivery date was a few days after the date the dvds would be in store. I didn’t expect to be able to watch the movie that night anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But I remember the days when you could pre-order a dvd or game and it would be delivered the same day it was in the stores. I had the same problem with the LEGO:Lord of The Rings Game.
The Sunday ads were released and the in store price was two dollars cheaper than the online price. Did Target guarantee and match prices like amazon did? No. The day the dvd came the online listed the set as unavailable. I was worried they’d sell out. But They tell me if they were out right? I thought about going to the store but didn’t. The next day still no shipping notification. the set was still listed as unavailable online. I had to run some errands and went to Target. They still had about four sets with the mini-fig so I grabbed one. Turned out to be a good decision. This was on Wednesday.

hobbit bluray

The expected delivery date was between Friday the 22-tues 26. I thought about cancelling the order but I knew some birthdays were coming up and that make a good gift. Finally they send a shipping notification on Saturday. But the pic they sent with it was of the regular DVD/Blu-ray set sans Bilbo. But when I clicked the link in the email it showed the set with Bilbo. And the expected delivery date was changed to March 30. a week after the original expected date.
Finally on Saturday I open the mailbox and inside in a small package, It’s thin so I know before I open that there is no figure in the set. It was a holiday weekend so I waited till Monday to return the dvd to a Target store. The Hobbit dvd was released on March 19 it arrived on March 30. From the time it was released and arrived i had gone to Target bought the Hobbit dvd, made another trip to Target and got the Star Wars special. So lesson learned don’t preorder from Target. get out there and fight the crowds.
The Bilbo figure is very well done. He has blue jacket, a vest and an ascot. His head is double-sided. You will see him in this blog again.

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Star Wars Character Tournament starts monday!

It’s a showdown between the Light Side and Dark Side in the first This Is Madness tournament! Vote for your favorite Jedi, Sith, scoundrel, Rebel, or bounty hunter and help decide who is, once and for all, the galaxy’s most popular Star Wars character.

The first round begins on Monday, March 18! Cast your votes and come back every day for new matchups and results, and be sure to visit us on Tuesday, April 9, to see who will be named winner of This Is Madness!

View the bracket
and make your choice.

Three Little Darths

Appearing in this scene LEGO Darth Vader (7150, Tie-figther vs Y-wing), Darth Maul (7101 Lightsaber Duel), and Count Dooku (Jedi Duel 7103). and Power of the Force Death Star.

Reminder: Print sale ends Sunday. Save 20% on action figure prints all weekend. Prints are available as 5x7s or 8x10s.Yoda archives prints at

Darth Vader, Tax Collector