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Building Block sets on clearance at Target

Target has started their end of season toy clearance. They have marked down several toys, including many building blocks sets. I spotted  reduced Ionix Bricks , nanoblocks, KRE-O, mega bloks, and those light brick sets. I did not see any LEGO clearance.

My local Target had KRE-O Micro changers series 3 down to $1.48. Very good deal on some figures especially if you want to army build or customize your figures. They also had the Micro Changers Combiners four figure sets for $5.48 half off the original price of $10.99. I’ve seen these reduced at a couple of Targets.

pTRU1-18179495_alternate1_enh-z6Also reduced were some Nanoblocks sets. They sets were marked down 30% to 50%. They had many bagged sets and one store had a couple boxed sets. I built a set that I still need to review.

I found Toothless Viking Attack (#21001) for half price. The set had the same Toothless that I already own so I passed on this. I did get the giant Toothless Battle set (#21003) for half price. Retail was $39.99 I thought that was too much for only 242 pieces. But 19.98 was a reasonable price. that puts the blocks about eight cents each. They did not have anymore of the small Dragon only sets.

ionix how to train your dragon

Target has reduced some of the Tenkai Knights sets. The blind bags figures were $1.94. and a few other sets were markets down.

Will you head to Target to get some bricks? Have you see any other store marking down their toys? What deals have you found?

How To Train Your Dragon Ionix sets part 2

I bought a couple more Ionix Bricks How To Train You Dragon Building sets. I found Toothless (#20001) and Stormfly (#20003) at Target. Target has the sets for $5.99 temporary reduced to $5.69.  They are on sale this week along with many other How to Train Your Dragon toys.

I did not take step by step pictures this time. In general the sets were easier to build than Barf and Belch set. The brick was different and it transformed easier than that set. The body brick was the same for Toothless (17 pieces) and Stormfly (14 pieces). You can see from this image that the neck is sturdier than the one I blogged about last week.


There was some difficulty building Stormfly. The underbelly did not want to stay together. The instructions were to put 2 one by two bricks on the body the attach the belly part. It was easier to attach the one by twos to the belly then the belly to the body.

Toothless was easier to build. I like the way the tail was made of ball pieces with studs on them. It looks more like a spine than a single piece would. This also gives the tail  more articulation. I like the painting and colors on both sets the heads are well done.


Foolish Lego asked if the figures were sturdy. They are and they aren’t. Toothless and Stormfly are sturdier than Barf and Belch. Parts did not just fall off of them. But pieces can snap off and that is part of the design. The build for Toothless had me remove part of a brick flip it over and reattached it. They are designed to give instead of break but I wouldn’t let little kids play with them.



Ionix Bricks are sold at Target, Toys R us, and Wal-mart. But I haven’t seen the How To Train your Dragon sets at Wal-mart.

How To Train Your Dragon Ionix sets

How To Train You Dragon Building sets are made by  Ionix Bricks. The Ionix Bricks system feature a shape shifting brick. The main brick is a 2×4 but parts of it are moveable. So you can twist the parts that have the studs on them. Here’s some of their product description.

IONIX: the revolutionary line of never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes! These construction bricks shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets and more. What’s more, our bricks snap together with other leading construction systems. IONIX: Shapeshift, build, unleash!

I have seen Ionix Tenkai Knights and even got one of the blind bags to test the premise. Before I could write a post I found The How to train Your Dragon sets. Today I will review one of their small sets, Barf and Belch #20005. Here’s the box you can see a shape shifting brick on the front cover. What the front doesn’t reveal is the number of pieces.

How to train your Dragon building setThe number of pieces is on the back and kind of hidden.


Here are the parts in the set. Eleven bricks, stickers and instructions.

dragon_partsThe basic 2×4 brick. You can see the moveable parts.

Legs out, neck and tail section extended.

dragon_step3Adding a couple  bricks. Next I added the curved back pieces and added sticker.  I didn’t get a good pic of theses steps. Then the wings and tails were added.

dragon-step4The final step is adding the dragon heads. This was the most frustrating part of the build.The neck really did want to support the double neck and heads. The weight was too much and they kept falling.



This is a neat set. The paint on the head and tails is nice. The fact that the heads were hard to support is a disappointment. I hope that’s not a problem on the other sets. I think this was caused by the long dual necks and heads. I will try to get another set and see.

I also didn’t like that it was hard to determine the number of parts in the set. looks in the online description and it says

  • 1 Shapeshifting Mini Figure Brick
  • 10 Additional Pieces

So why not put that is larger print on the box?

Cost was $6.99 at Toys R Us. I’m hoping Target has them cheaper. That is a bit much for 11 pieces. The Meatlug set is only five pieces. It look cool but that’s expensive. I like the shape shifting bricks. It looks like they are different versions for the dragons. The quadraped form could be used on all kinds of animals. I’m not sure how versatile the biped brick is. It works for the Tenkai Knight robot looking armor but doesn’t look right for Hiccup.




Prepare to unlock your imagination, reveal your inner creativity and challenge yourself. IONIX bricks not only shapeshift to reveal awesome figures, weapons and gear, but they’re also meant to be unfolded, refolded, twisted, half opened, half closed…Think outside the block!

Ionix Bricks


UPDATE: I checked the nearest Target today. They did not have any How to Train Your Dragon sets. But They dis have Tenkai Knights sets on sale. The blind bags are $1.99 instead of $2.99 and the carded single figures were on sale as well.