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Hallmark Star Wars Ornaments Revealed.

Hallmark has revealed their 2014 Christmas ornament selections. Once again there are some cool Star Wars ones. One is a Yoda peakbuster ornament. This motion-activated ornament will catch peekers and snack seekers. Hear Yoda dish out wise warnings to stay away whenever he senses that peekers have come near. It’s 19.95 and will be available in wars ornaments

Hear it at


The past three years the have released a LEGO Star Wars ornament. The 2014 character is Boba Fett. I know I’ll be picking him up in July. Boba Fett retails for $14.95

boba-fett-root-1495qxi2593_1470_1Hallmark begins selling some of their ornaments in July. The following should be in store early in the month.

Rise of Lord Vader $19.95 Listen  Darth Vader one of my favorite characters but they pick his worse dialogue from the entire saga for the sound chip. If it was just an ornament without sound I might get it. I just don’t think I’ll pay $19.95 for one I don’t want to listen to.

the-rise-of-lord-vader-root-1995qxi2633_1470_1Cantina Band $34.95 Listen Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes star in this ornament. It’s cool and plays the cantina theme music. But expensive.


Sand Crawler $29.95 Listen and a Scout Trooper for $17.95

Godzilla $17.95 Listen And Godzilla I might get this one.
godzilla-root-1795qxi2553_1470_1 Alien $17.95 October



If you join Hallmarks rewards program they’ll send you e-mail notices of when the new ornaments are released plus coupons a few times a season. Many of these will be released on July 12-13.

LEGO Yoda Ornament from Hallmark

I finally picked up this year’s LEGO Hallmark ornament. seeing how this year character is Yoda I couldn’t miss it. This is the third in the series. Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper were released previously. See Them in this post. The ornament retails for $14.95.
Hallmark ornaments are sold at Hallmark stores, Books A Million, and Kohls. If join Hallmarks rewards program they’ll send you e-mail notices of when the new ornaments are released plus coupons a few times a season. Hallmark has other Star Wars ornaments this year including Jabba, Jango Fett, and Ewoks.


Yoda ornament next to Yoda mini-fig

Yoda ornament next to Yoda mini-fig

LEGO Ornament (part 2)

Earlier I posted about Hallmark’s LEGO Star Wars Ornaments.  I have a brief update. I went to a another Hallmark store today.  They had the Stormtrooper ornament on display and the place where Darth Vader was suppose to be was empty. But the ornament was on the shelf!

So I looked at it. Box says dated 2011. There is a photo on the box and the shelf. It’s not the online computer generated image. The picture is of the same ornament from last year. He’s on a smaller brick than the trooper.

I asked the sale associate if it was new or last year backstock. She said he was new. Didn’t understand at first that it was out early. She checked after I left so it may not be out anymore. I was really hoping that it was last year’s backstock and that the November one would have the same size brick as the trooper. But It looks like it the same as before.

The ornaments are $14.95 each.  Stormtrooper is available now. Darth Vader is due out in November. Or maybe now if you look.

No Hallmark Store near you?

Hallmark stores are not the only place to purchase these ornaments. Previous years Kohl’s, Books a Million, and Walgreens have carried Hallmark ornaments. Walgreen only carried a few and I’m not even sure I saw them there past couple years. Books a Million did not have them out yet. Kohl’s puts their Christmas out pretty earlier but I haven’t been there this season.

Behind the scenes.

A behind the scenes look. When I went to shoot the ornaments, my Darth Vader mini-fig was not handy so I grabbed another sith. I mention that because the same day I shot this Bricks and pics posted a pic of the same version of Darth Maul from the Jedi Duel set.

Update: During the SDCC coverage there was a hint at 2013 LEGO Ornament. In the background of a photo, there was a card showing a LEGO Yoda ornament so hopefully we’ll see him next year.

Update 2: Books a Million now has their Hallmark ornaments out. They do carry the LEGO Stormtrooper.