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404 Error Motivation not found at Tee Fury

Teefury: Limited Edition $12 tees!  Available March 27.  404 Motivation not found plus Le Petit Chat. Today only.

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Monday programmer and It Crowd at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has IT and Dev shirts today! The IT Crowd/NES mash-up, Standard Nerds is on Navy or Black. Plus a cool Developer shirt.

I have this shirt, It is funny but really don’t skip meals for work.


It crowd NES shirt, monday programmer shirt

Plus a red Shirt Bundle.

Look a Cameo!

Stan Lee admires deadpool's suit Deadpool tells him to zip it..

Stan Lee is on my blog! Stan Lee is on my blog!

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3.14 2017


calculator from lego batman movies wishes you a happy piday

Freeze Forward!

Spring is almost here, but Mr. Freeze wants winter to stay. It’s March the weather has been getting warmer but then snow!.

Lego mr freeze

Mr. Freeze (30603) is from the Batman Classic TV series. This version was a free gift with a purchase in April 2016. He has more parts than most minifig polybag due to the buildable Freeze gun with backpack.

Don’t forget to Spring Forward and set your clocks up tonight. Lose an hour of sleep seems like something a villain would come up with.

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Take your action figure to work day 2017 : Come on Antman There’s work to be done.

The first Friday in March is Take Your Action Figure to Work Day.  I’m working at home today.So the commute was great. But someone is already taking a break.

Doctor strange yelling at antman for goofing off

Take your action figure to work on the first Friday in March and post pictures of him/her/it with you, with your coworkers, with a client or with your boss (well, maybe not your boss).

You’re only limited by your own creativity. Post away! Be sure you include the Official #AFWDYYYY (example: #AFWD2015, #AFWD2016, etc…) so we can all see the amazing things you do to make this as nerdy as possible.

Your Thoughts?


Did you take an action figure to work? Show them off!

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Easter Minion Mega Blok Blind Bag minifigs

Easter Minions are out. I found these at Kroger. They are part of the Despicable Me Mega Construx series.  There are only three mini figs in this series,Kevin, Bob, and an evil minion.


Really the only thing new on these are the accessories. Kevin has an Easter Egg bowl, which doubles as a hat. he also has a spring of hair. Bob has basket and an egg or maybe a cupcake. The purple minion has a mini purple bunny. The limited parts make it easy to feel the bag and get all three figures without getting duplicates. They have a thin light blue 2×4 base.

“What’s in the Bag Tip?”:

Kevin and the evil minion both have long torsos. Bob is not that much shorter than them so feel for the accessories. The bowl is fairly distinctive. It’s round and hollow. The purple minion can be found by its hair. You can feel something soft and not flat like the checklist. For Bob feel for the basket. It is narrow unlike the bowl.

Minion Fan?

So will you add these to your collection?

Monday Programmer at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Monday Programmer at Tee-fury Feb 27. available on Blue or Navy.  Get this limited edition shirt at!


Aquaman verses Namor

When Aquaman meets Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Aqua man verse Namor in this ocean

The Brickhouse at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

The Brickhouse at Tee-fury Jan 26. available on Blue, black, or red. Get this limited edition shirt at!

Get built minifig tee