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Awkward LEGO meeting at Shirt Woot.

shirtwootToday at Shirt woot. $10.


The Next Doctor….

Spoilers: the next Doctor has been revealed by the BBC.


The Next Doctor….

Spoilers: the next Doctor has been revealed by the BBC.

12th doctor reveled

Indiana Jones and the Temple Run

Professor of Archeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.

LEGO Indiana Jones and Temple run

Indiana Jones and the Temple Run.

There is a board game based on Temple Run app. The app was originally .99 but Imangi Studios made it free. You can purchase upgrades in-game. Is the game any good? How would an app translate into an old school board game? Well I’ll put it this way the board game was originally $19.99. I found it on clearance for $1 at Wal-mart.

There are now versions based on Brave, Oz, and a Temple Run 2.

This image is offered as an 8×10 print on E-BAY. That auction has ended but check my online store at or my main e-bay page to see if another gets listed.

Follow the map.

lego hobbit, gandalf and potc

featuring LEGO: Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, Gandalf (9469), and the map from the Hobbit polybag (30213).

Adding Prints to the Store

I’ve added more prints to the Online store. Shelob’s Lair, Stealing a STAP, Clockwork Robot, Avengers Auditions, and Indiana Jones in “Another Antiquity” are now available or 5x7s or 8x10s.

Indiana Jones locates Han solo

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Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!

Happy Birthday Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones locates another rare antiquity.

Indiana Jones locates Han solo