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I predicted this crossover ten years ago.

Week Old Mando Spoilers

Dec 24 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

You better watch out Santa Jango Fett is coming to town! There is nice torso printing on this one. The Mandalorian looks great in red with a little white collar and some holly. The helmet is still in Jango’s colors not red so you know it’s Jango and not Boba.
Why would they make that distinction? Did they just leave a hint as to how Santa travels the world in one night? and why you see Santas in every mall? Is Santa the genetic material for a clone army? Is that how he gets elves?

santa jango fett minifig


Dec 23 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s advent calendar build is Santa Jango Fett’s Sleigh. This is a really nice mini build. It’s one of my favorites from the calendar. That’s big considering I’m such a Star wars fan. It was easy to build and includes Jango’s Jet pack. Tomorrow Santa Jango Fett Arrives.

lego sleigh

Dec 21 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s advent calendar build is Jango Fett’s Slave-1. This ship appeared in the 2011 calendar but with the color scheme that appeared when Boba Fett piloted  it in The Empire Strikes back. Another reuse of a Ship but this time it is a cool ship and I really don’t think you could make a Jango Fett focused calendar without making his ship.

advent_dec21Comparison of the Boba Fett And Jango Fett versions. The color scheme is different. And a few of the bricks have been changed. Boba’s version(in the foreground) has a gray slope in the cockpit while Jango’s has two clear pieces. Boba’s version has solid tan wings while Jango’s are white and slotted.

slave-1 lego shipI have several toy versions of this ship. This is my fourth version in LEGO form.  Two are not pictured here one is minifig scale, the other is a miniship. It was part of a set with Obi-wan’s Jedi starfighter back in the early LEGO star wars days.

See what Han and Chewie thought of Boba’s Ship back in 2011.

Dec 4 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar

It is time for the annual blogging of the  LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar (#75023). Today’s gift is Koro-2 Exodrive Airspeeder. The ship was piloted by Zam Wesell in Attack of the Clones. A large version of this ship was in LEGO set 7133 Bounty hunter pursuit back when the minifigs were still yellow.

Zam Wesell ship in mini lego

If you are blogging any of the LEGO calendars CITY, Star Wars, or Friends, please leave a link in the comments.

Jango Fett

Jango Fett

I’d meant to post this before ConNooga but forgot.