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Kreons and Minons on sale

Target finally carries the Minion surprise blonds bags. In fact there are on sale this week.  You can also get one free if you purchase the Despicable me dvds.

Despicable Me minions

Walgreen has the KRE-O micro changer Transformer Kreons for $1.99 each if you have the Walgreen’s loyalty card.


It’s saturday so today might be the last day for both sales.


Drizzt Do’Urden



Dungeon & Dragons Kreon Warriors

KRE-O now has Dungeon and Dragon building sets and mini figs. The Kreons are sold on blister cards and not in blind bags with a small vignette for the character.  The KRE-O site list army building packs for $2.49. I did not see these in store. What I did see were the Kreon sets and some of the larger sets.

I picked up a Drizzt set because it’s Drizzt! He comes with his scimitars, a bow, and a tree. The figure has detail on his torso and legs. The elf ears are molded with the hair pieces. The cloak has three tabs with neck holes. I like the way it makes the cloak drape over his shoulders. There are two display base included as well a typical KRE-O block and a flat round base.  I prefer the round one but guess they included the block for constancy with other Kreons.  There’s also a card with character stats. This sets was $3.99 for 22 pieces.

drowI will look for the army builder bags and may get some if I see any interesting minis.  The KRE-O page won’t let me zoom in to see what all figures are available. It looks like they have the basic character classes and some monsters. KRE-O blind bags are usually coded with numbers so you can tell what character you are getting. Until the list is published online, avoid duplicates by looking for numbers on the bags and making sure you don’t get duplicate ones.

Look for them at places that carry KRE-O  sets. I tried the where to buy feature but think it just list where Hasbro stuff  is sold. Every store listed said call store foe availability.
See sets and figures at Dungeon & Dragons KRE-O.

Kre-o dungeons and dragons

So do you plan on adding any of these to your collection?

Robot Tober Day Twenty-three

Today toy is the Kreon version of Sunstorm. He’s from the preview KRE-O Micro changers series. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters.


Robot Tober Day Thriteen

Yesterday’s Robot was  Generation 1 Huffer. Today toy is the Kreon version of Huffer. He’s from the series three KRE-O Micro changers. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters. I like the grimace on his face. The torso paint is better than the Prowl Kreon.  When the Micro changers were released I said I liked the parts but wanted more painting details. Huffer has more details and I still love the helmets.


Both Figures together for comparison , 1984 and 2013 versions of Huffer.


Robot Tober Day Eight: Slow Down

The city placed a Speed Calming device in my Neighbor hood. It is a movable radar with a speed display. As you approach, it shows you how fast you are driving. I knew when I saw it, Prowl would be the perfect robot to stop speeders. The Prowl Kreon was part of the KRE-O Transformers Prowl set (30690). KRE-O transformers


Robot Tober Day Four

Welcome to Robot Tober. I decided to challenge myself to do a post a day for this month. The theme for the month is Robots. each day I plan to post a pic of a robot, mech, or power suit action figure.

Today’s figure is The Kreon version of Prowl. He was part of the KRE-O Transformers Prowl set. The set contains a parts to build a Prowl in Robot or automobile version plus Kreon mini fig of Prowl and a SWAT team member.

KRE-O Transformer Prowl



Autobloks shirt at Tee Fury

Teefury: Limited Edition $11 tees! has another LEGO themed shirt, This time Optimus Prime is building with bricks. I know Transformers building set are made by KRE-O but really he has LEGO bricks. The shirt is available in silver, torquoise, and charcoal.

Available Friday Aug 30 Autobloks by Derin Ciler.

UPDATE: In March 2014 TeeFury Autobloks to their gallery.  Gallery shirts are popular daily shirts that have returned everyday for $18.

Optimus prime plays with legos

Plus they now have Youth sizes! Click the size chart for sizing details.

Tee-fury shirt are $11 and available for 24hrs. Sometimes they extend the shirt for after hours and you can still get it but the price is $14. But the after hours shirts are only available for nine hours then it’s gone.

If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. Tee-fury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support my blog. Teefury: Limited Edition $11 tees!

New Page: What’s in the Bag?

I have a new page that lists some of the apps, tricks, and websites that help you determine what is hiding in that blind bag. The link is at the top of this blog. I made a page rather than a post so it could be easier to find. If you have more tips or sites please post them on the page.


What’s in the Bag.

The blind bags are cool but they can be frustrating finding the figure you want. You may want just one figure from a set. You might want to collect all the figures. or you may want multiples of the same figure for army building. But how can you know what is in the bag? These Blind bags guides can help.

The best I’ve found for LEGO is the Touch Guide in the My Mini’s app. The app coats $1.99 so less than a mini-fig and its well worth it. no only does it tell you what to feel for it shows you what mini’s you might confuse with it.

Kre-O Kreon Mirco Changers

As I stated yesterday, this past weekend I found the new Transformers KRE-O mini-fig blind bags. They are called Kreon Miro-Changers and have 2 modes robot and beast or vehicle. The figures do not transform like the action figures. You have to take them apart and build the other form. There are only 6 figure in this series which Hasbro calls the Preview Series.

kre-o tranformers

I got a couple figures to check out. I’d seen the KRE-O sets before but this is my first purchase. I got Waspinator and Scorponok.  First impression the legs look weak, and not much painting detail. Most of the parts are molded in color. Both figures had detail on the torso. The paint was covered  up by chest pieces that had to be added to hook accessories on the robot’s back.

closer look at Scorponok without chest piece.

The heads are painted and have some personality. Scorponok has some neat forearms. But the helmets are the best part. They have that classic Transformers look. A little more details and these would be pretty cool. Some of the parts like the helmets are good for customization.

Scorponok in beast mode.


Kre-O Transformers Blind Bags

An anniversary, a preview, and requests

Anniversary and Preview
Today is the anniversary of airing of the first airing Transformers cartoon. The Transformers first aired in 1984. This past weekend I found the new Transformers KRE-O mini-fig blind bags. They are called Miro-Changers and have 2 modes robot and beast or vehicle. Only six figs in this preview series. I bought a couple but haven’t had time to photograph them. I’ll have images later in the week. Since it’s an anniversary here’s one of my earlier Yoda Archive pics featuring Grimlock.

Now the Requests
1) It’s time to renew my domain if you could put in a couple bucks by clicking the donation button, I’d appreciate it. Please choose the gift option so paypal doesn’t take out transaction fees.
2) I’m about to order businesses cards for the site. I’m using Moo Cards which allow for the use of several images in one order. Please thumb through the site and tell me some of your favorite posts to help me decide what to print. I’m going to use 4 or 5 for the cards. I’m using responses from here and the facebook page plus reactions at shows to help me pick which photos to use.

Thank you.

and New Yoda pic posting in an hour.