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LEGO Captain Carter in the snow.

LEGO Captain Carter in the snow.
  • LEGO Captain Carter from Marvel Studios minifigure line. The character is from an episode of What If?

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Hoppy new year

Throg wishes you a Hoppy New Year, Throg is part of the MarvelStudios minifigure blind bag series. He is packed with Loki. The fountain (40221) is a LEGO creator set. I got it with the LEGO VIP program. the set has park benches and a dog. If you’ve seen my Hawkeye posts that dog is Lucky, the Pizza Dog. I wish the helmet and beard were gold like the wings. I think there’s too much gray in the set.
Otherwise a cool set. You’ll see it more on here.

Thor has been turned into a frog. throg stand at a water feature fountain. at the top of the fountain is a statue