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Your all time isolation champion is ….

LEGO MEDUSA in a cave. caption reads "isolation champion."

LEGO Medusa from the collectable mini figures series 10. Still one of my all time favorite minifigs. Read about the tail of the K-mart Medusa in previous post.

Due to corvid-19 some comic publishers are delaying releasing new issues. I’ll try to make posts to help entertain fans. I am also posting what I am building while I’m stuck at home. If any of this brightened your day please drop a tip in my Ko-Fi or Venmo accounts. Link in bottom of page.


How is safer at home affecting you?

If you are at home, what are doing to pass the time? Are you building with LEGO?


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Visit the Parthenon and see Medusa! wait what?

I took Medusa home for the weekend.

Medusa at the Parthenon

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