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Year In Review. Favorite Minis

My favorite mini figures of the year.

#10 Despicable Me Surprise Minion Blind bags
#9 Tin Solder from Character Encyclopedia
#8 Red Harrington Stage Coach Escape
#7 Series 11 Scarecrow
#6 Bilbo from the Hobbit DVD set.
#5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#4 Marty McFly
#3 Series 9 Cyclops
#2 Series 11 Yeti

lego yeti series 11 minifig keep frozen

and my favorite of the year.

Series 10 Medusa

LEGO minifig Medusa series 10

Dec 18 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s  advent calendar mini-fig is a Bike Scout. Finally more Return of the Jedi love. I love the mini helmets on all the LEGO figs they make the figure. I could only hope that tomorrow would be a wee mini bike for him. I’m pretty sure it’s not. I don’t recall seeing one on the cover.

biker scout

There are reports of the LEGO Movie mini figs being spotted at Targets. I have seen any but my Target does have two boxes of series nine minifigs. I still need a chicken suit guy. But I wasn’t fighting the crowds for one fig they  didn’t have the items I needed to finish my Christmas shopping.

Robot Tober Day Twenty-seven

It’s Mech weekend here at Yoda Archives. Yesterday we saw the evil mech today is the Battle Mech.


Whenever danger threatens the planet, the mighty Battle Mech goes into action! Launching from its secret base, it blasts through the sky on powerful retro-rockets, using an arsenal of built-in weaponry and gadgets to battle enormous space monsters, out-of-control asteroids, and other perils.


New to the Garden.

LEGO Cyclops

Wolverine welcomes the newest X-man

lego wolverine, series 9

I got the Cyclops at ConNooga.  I had the joke written a while ago it just took a while to find the mini-fig. I’ve not seen many series 9 bags in store.

Appearing in this scene: Wolverine from LEGO Super Heroes Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown (6866) and Cyclops of series 9 Mini-figs (71000).

Who can see the future.

dr who  minifig

The fortune-teller from series 9 meets The Doctor.