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The Mythical Unicorn

LEGO Deadpool in a unicorn costume

Since the Unicorn Girl minifig was announced, I wanted to do some kind Despicable Me “It’s so Fluffy” joke. Deadpool likes my little pony, so surely he likes fluffy unicorns.

Series 13 Touch Guide Collection.

The newest batch of minifigs are in stores now. As always I keep a list of feel guides on my What in the Bag? page, but I figured why not just do a new post as well.

Series 13 minifigures

The BrickBlogger series 13 Pictures and details
The Brick Blogger Touch Guide.
Touch Guide the Brick Fan
EuroBrick’s Series 13 Review and Distribution breakdown
Stepping sideways with bricks review and feel guide.

BrickFinder, a Singapore LEGO Fan Group has made an informative touch guide for series 13.

lego series 13 minifig feel guide


The My Mini’s app has a feel guide for every LEGO minifigure series. They update it as new series are released. You can also use it to keep an inventory of your collection.

General Touch guide tips

  • Learn the common parts all figures have. Torso, legs (moveable for most figs, non movable short legs), and a head.
  • You feel for the accessories or body parts that are unique to each figure. sometimes you will need to verify by identify a second part.
  • Take one of the checklists with you to remind you of what items are in the series.
  • Hold the bag by one corner and shake it till the pieces fall to the bottom opposite corner of the bag.
  • Study previous series, A character in the current series might have a similar item as one in a previous series. Ned Flanders has a coffee mug. The computer programmer and gingerbread man has a coffee mug. If you have one of those put the mug in a bag and learn what it feels like.

LEGO Awesome Mix Shirt!

Awesome mix shirt at Riptapparel mixes two of the best films of the year, awesome. Plus Super Star-Lord and Super Villain shirts.





Mini Hunters at Tee fury

At  TeeFury Thursday July 25 only!
“Mini Hunters” by Matt Parsons and “The Demon Hunters” by FrozenNorth75 are available now exclusively on TeeFury.
Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester LEGO minifigs on a shirt!

LEGO supernatural shirts

If you like these shirts remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

Homer gets an honest answer.

homer is a pig in a galaxy far far away

I finally found Homer a drinking buddy.  The quote comes from the first season of The Simpsons.

Welcome to Sector 7G

MR Burns meets the minions
The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant has new drones.. I mean workers, the minions. How will minions do in a Power Plant? I’m glad I’m not near there.

May is wrapping up and it’s been a busy month. I’ve spent the weekends vending at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. It was a great year at faire best weather in a long time. And the crowds were awesome.
For the first time I have collected an entire series of LEGO minifigs. And I bought them using the feel guides listed on the What’s in the bag page. So many thanks, to everyone that creates these guides. I made a couple of mistakes guessing. But that was mainly when I did not take enough time to verify by identifying two different accessories. I plan to use every figure in my toy photography. So far I’ve posted pics with Bart, Milhouse, Marge and now Mr Burns. I’m processing one with Lisa right now. Plus making use of a Simpsons accessory on friday’s post so look forward to that.

Good luck if you are still searching.

Also May has been a great month for traffic. It’s my busiest May on record and busiest month so far this year. So thank you for all the support.

LEGO Simpsons minifigs in stores today.

Today is the official release date of The LEGO Simpsons minifigs. I was unable to find any in store early, so I’ll be checking a few stores today. Some of the fan sites already have the figs and have provided guides for those of us that are still searching.

Brick and Bloks has made a chart of bump codes for the Simpsons minifigs.  He does note that in the past LEGO has changed the bump codes, so these may not be the same.  The Brick Fan has a touch guide detailing what accessories to feel for in the bag. I will use a combination of these as I collect the figures. I want to get the entire set this time. I will get a few bags today and hold off on anymore till after I see all the May the 4th sales. If LEGO has some great deals on Star wars sets I’ve been eyeing I’m getting them.


Good hunting.

What did you find?

Any more tips for other collectors?

Any idea on the how many of each character are in a box?


Thanks to Grace who shared Euro Bricks’s great review and distribution breakdown for the Simpsons minfigs.

Shut up and take my money shirt

Ript Apparel has Shut up and take my money for the next 24 hours. For $10.



If you missed TeeFury‘s LEGO and classic rocks shirts on sunday. You can get them at TeeFury‘s after hours for the next 8 hours for $14.

LEGO Shaun of the Dead Tee shirt.

At TeeFury January 23 only! Shaun by Brinkerhoff and Three Flavours Crest by Arinesart $11 each. Finally a new LEGO mini fig shirt.


Shaun is offered on black, charcoal, or silver. Flavours if offered on Red, Kelly Green, and Tahiti blue.


If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

Brickblogger post new feel guide for LEGO Movie mini figs

The Birckblogger has posted a touch guide for the LEGO movie blind bags. Read the post here Some of these have similar accessories so they may be hard to ID. Plus there seems to be a higher number of rare figures this time. There are six figures that have only two copies in a case.

Good luck hunting.

THE LEGO movie mini figures