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Avengers August Day Twelve

Doctor Strange makes his blog debut today. Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (# 76060) is one of the newest sets. I’ve started building the set it has some nice features. You can see the base in the background. I’ll post a final image once it is complete. 


Your Thoughts

Will you watch the new Doctor Strange movie?

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Let’s eat, who wants to carve the Turkey?

lego deadpool carves an oversized turkey

Who let Deadpool near the turkey? This Turkey is the mini build from November’s BrickSwag box.  See the previous post for full details.


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A Thousand thanks: The outtakes or Hey Don’t Forget Me!

Deadpool didn’t want to be left out of the party.

Lego avengers in a semi cicrle getting their picture taken when deadpool photobombs them


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A Thousand thanks

This is it the one thousandth post for my blog. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that’s been visiting, commenting and sharing my art. I’ve assembled a bunch of Heroes for the milestone post.

LEGO Marvel Avengers minifig in semi circle


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Update I got a shiny new badge.
1000 post milestone

Dinner Date

captain Marel and Iron patriot on a date.

Here’s another use of the LEGO Valentines set. Captain Marvel and James Rhodes on a date. I like this set and will reuse it. I just thought of a reuse on one of the parts for another image.

captain Marel and Iron patriot on a date.


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Dining with Deadpool!

This is the Valentine’s Day Dinner set #40120. The set was sold at the LEGO store and shop.LEGO earlier this year. But I found this one at ROSS for $7.99. It’s a nice little vignette. It included two minifigs and a brick built gift box to hide a gold ring. It also had some of the cool profile 1×2 bricks, that have an alternating grooves that look like bricks on one side.  I like these quick build sets.  I’ll be watching for more of these small holiday vignettes. I missed out on the Easter one.

LEGO Deadpool toasting to his favorite food.

LEGO Specials

Ross also has a few the LEGO movies sets I saw the Ice Cream Machine (70804) and Bad Cop’s Pursuit. They were 19.99 or $24.99.

Toys R Us has LEGO minifigures two for $5.

Guess what day it is!

april fools in LEGO


Surprise on the Slopes.

It snowed. It snowed enough to take pictures if you got up early enough.

snow  borad finds a yeti

Are you sticking to your Resolutions?

The LEGO City food vendors are tempting people to break their resolutions.



The hotdog suit guy is a new mini figure from series 13. I can see him showing up at sporting events, the fair grounds, or on a street with a Hot Dog stand. He could even show up in Springfield in the Kwik-E-Mart set that will be released later this year.

Underneath the costume is a basic tan top and light blue legs. It would have been nice to have some king of logo on the shirt even though it won’t be seen most of the time.

Classic King

Long Live the King! With his bright colors and beard he is reminiscent of Burger King. But also a king from TV.



Trim the beard a bit and he looks like King Richard from Galavant. A new comedy that starts tonight. Weird Al will be on an episode.