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Falcon Friday!

Lego Falcon Minifif in flight

A quick pic cause I had a little time today.


Tomorrow my wife will be the Cosplay Yard sale near East Ridge. I won’t be on the road myself till the Geek Gathering in Shefflield, Al this September.

Cosplay Yard Sale
Camp Jordan Park
323 Camp Jordan Parkway, East Ridge, Tennessee 37412

Birthday Request

It’s my Birthday and I have a simple request. Share my art. Share this blog on your social media sites, Just pick one of your favorite posts and hit the share button. And visit my new store on Store Envy and like a print by clicking the envy icon.


Thank you.

Print sale

Save 15% on prints in the shop till April 16th. Get some new art for your walls!

Print Shop.


Friday the 13th sale.

It’s friday the thirteenth so I’m running a one day 13% off sale on prints. It’s less than two weeks till Christmas so order now if you want to give a print as a gift.

Print Shop


home from Bricks and Heroes

I’m home from Bricks and Heroes event at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention. I sold a bunch of prints got new LEGO stuff for my collection and met some cool people. full report once I have time to sort pictures.

Online shop update

I’ve added a few more prints to the online shop. You can find the new stuff by clicking here. New to the store Yoda the Gamer, Guess Who, Han Shot First, and New Master. And brand new this week Minotaur in the Mist. These are avaliable as 5×7, 8×10, and greeting cards.