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Pi day 3.14

New year same jokes, same pie too.

teenage muntant ninja turtles lego minis celebrate pi day.


pi day 3.14

Who dis?

text reads "I'm gonna tell my  kids this is the falcon and winter soldier."  But picture is millennium Falcon and an hoth Rebel solider.

Millennium Falcon is from the LEGO Microfighters line set #75030. The trooper is a Hoth Rebel soldier from the 2016 advent Calendar (#75146).

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Pi day 3.14.14

New year same joke, same pie too. I would have used a pizza but I cleaned up and can’t find my brick food.

teenage muntant ninja turtles lego minis celebrate pi day.

Pi Day 2013
Pi day 2012

Asgardian. Get it?!

EDIT better pic via tumblr. Someone at Charmin has a sense of humor.

charmin and thor


The Feminine Miss Geek

Asgardian. Get it?!

We live in interesting times…

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Your Princess is in another basket?

We went to the Farmers market today and found Princess Peach. We got some really great peaches from the Peach Truck.

princess peach at the farmers market