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Happy 40th Star Wars!

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2015 December 22

Today’s gift is R2D2 as a reindeer! Glad to see the astromech in the calendar again.

R2D2 dressed as a reindeer


Also: Got my December BrickSwag box. I’ll get a review up soon. I’ll wait a couple days to avoid spoiling it for fellow subscribers.

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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2014 December 22

Today’s advent gift is Tree-Two Dee-two.  Another cool mini-fig.






Abominable Snow Builder

It was the coldest night of the season which made me think what does a Yeti do all day in the Himalayas? Build snow droids what else?
lego yeti and snow driod r2d2

Yoda Jedi Master & Photobomber

The ewoks had a village reunion and Yoda decided to photobomb them.
Yoda photobombs the ewok reunion