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Guardians repost

Guardians of The Galaxy came out two years ago today. Here’s some of my Guardians images.

lego starlord mets soundwave


rocket and godzilla

ninth doctor meets gamora


Brick Humor and Giant freaking robot at Teefury: Affiliate post


Today ,July 3 2016,  Tee fury features a classic giant Robot and a shirt ever builder can relate to. The first featuring that four letter word we all say when we step on a piece of ABS plastic. The other design is a classic 80’s cartoon that has a new show on netflix.



Get these limited edition shirt now on!


Brick Swag October Unboxing.

Yes it is  November and I am just now posting the BrickSwag unboxing for October. Sometimes life is too busy for even LEGO. The October Box was my first BrickSwag Box. The theme was one of my favorites, Robots.

The shirt is a line up of LEGO robots and droids. I have all of those on the shirt. The one at the end is a peek at this month’s build. The design is on black which helps make the artwork pop. This is a new favorite of mine.

Brickswag october box booster brick

There was also a bag of bricks from Booster Bricks. This bag of bricks has a minifig. There’s about fifty bricks here plus the fig. You can see the interior of the magazine behind the bricks.

Brickswag build magazine and cards

This is the Build Magazine and the cards. It is a small but cool magazine. It is 12 pages not including the cover. It is  the size of a standard size of printer paper folded in half.

BrickSwag’s New Robot Mascot


The build for October is a  mini Brickbot. This robot is their mascot.  I’m a robot fan so I’m really happy with this guy. One of his eyes is half closed. He looks kind of sad. I could change it with another eye from my stock but I think it gives him a little more personality. I may have to find another partially closed eye to complete the look.

The BrickSwag brick is white and has the date on it.  I like these printed bricks. I have a small collection of these printed bricks from  Kickstarter Projects and special events. This will add nicely to my collection.

Bricksawg box build

Here is the Robot with a Clockwork robot minifig for size comparison.

BrickSwag Box Contents

  1. Robot Build
  2. LEGO Robot Line up Shirt
  3. BrickSwag 2×3 Brick
  4. Build Magazine
    • Brickbot Build Instructions
    • A LEGO Wall-E set review
    • Alternative Wall-E Head Instructions
    • An article on Blacktron
    • An article on designing this month build.
  5. Booster Bricks Pack
  6. Five mini-fig Cards


So how much does this cost? A monthly subscription is $26 plus shipping. It was $7 for me so total cost was $34. The price per month goes down if you buy in 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. Subscribe to their email sometimes they send  discount code for new subscribers.



Booster Bricks

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of Brick Swag?  If there’s interest I’ll continue to blog the boxes. Next’s month theme is the Force. There’s about two weeks left to sign up for that box.

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Star wars Tees at Tee Fury and Mermaids at shirtpunch

TeeFury: Limited Edition $11 tees!  Available December 30th, Samurai Wars and Kessel Run Arcade.

Samurai Wars

kessel run

If you like these shirts remember to use the links in this post. Tee-fury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.TeeFury: Limited Edition $11 tees!

Today at  ShirtPunch Sous La Mer  by Megan Lara and Henchman by Creative Outpouring.



That song belongs to me!

Guardians of The Galaxy comes out on DVD/Blu Ray next week. Star-Lord wants to party but Soundwave stole his awesome mix tape.

lego starlord mets soundwave

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 29

Today’s assignment: Think through your idea editorial calendar. Bonus: develop a regular feature for your blog.

The challenge for day 29 is explore my editorial calendar. I have followed a blogging calendar in the past. I ran a 365 project a few years back.  It was the inspiration for this macro photography project. For the past three Decembers  have blogged the LEGO  Star Wars Advent calendar This part October I created Robtotober, a robot a day, to keep me publishing regularly.

Grimlock of the dinobots meets a mouser

When I started Yoda Archives I  planned to post regularly. I wanted to post new images every Tuesday and Thursday.  It didn’t always work. Sometimes I made others I didn’t and eventually I dropped the planned schedule. I’ve been thinking of developing a weekly subject but didn’t want the blog to be too focused  on one character unless it was Yoda. I see the need for a regular feature but I’m not sure.

Some ideas I’m tossing around. Thorsday featuring Thor,  Spidey-Friday, Super Hero Saturday (less traffic on weeknends), New comic Wednesday a new comic book character post on Wednesday since that’s when new comic book hit the stores. Mythic Monday feature a mythic creature every monday. this one expand on Medusa monday i tried in the summer.

Any suggestions? Do you do a regular feature?


Affiliate post: save $5 on Gimmick Tees Overstocks

Gimmick Tees  is running an overprint sale this week.  No new designs but save $5 on previous designs you may have missed. Shirts offered include I love Japan,  Mathematical, minions in Banana Nana, Lego flesh wound, Pacific Rim and Sherlock. minion tee shirt, godzilla


Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking.

Robot Tober Day thirty-one

For the final Robot Tober post I sharing one of my old toys.  Gaiking is from the Shogun Warrior toy line. The figure was 2 foot tall and on of the coolest toys I’ve owned. This is a close up of his torso cause it is a face so reminds me of a Jack’olantern since today is Halloween.



Robot Tober Day Twenty-nine

Today’s toy is a Handbot from Doctor Who Character Building series 3.

doctor who character building handbot figure

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Robot Tober Day Twenty-seven

It’s Mech weekend here at Yoda Archives. Yesterday we saw the evil mech today is the Battle Mech.


Whenever danger threatens the planet, the mighty Battle Mech goes into action! Launching from its secret base, it blasts through the sky on powerful retro-rockets, using an arsenal of built-in weaponry and gadgets to battle enormous space monsters, out-of-control asteroids, and other perils.

Robot Tober Day Twenty-six

Today Robot tober robot is the evil mech from LEGO Mini figures evil mech minifig look at all the cool robots here


Robot Tober Day Twenty-five


Robot Tober Day Twenty-Four

Today’s toy is the Bender of Futurama. I never saw much Futurama merchandise.  This is an unopened pack of metal figures.

Bender, futurama


LEGO has announced the newest LEGO CUUSOO review results. Full results here.

They have made decisions on the projects for the past three review periods. The good news id the next LEGO CUUSSO set is the Exo Suit. I’m a big fan of Mechs and this even ties in with my current Robottober event. So I’m happy for this set. It should be out something in 2014.
The bad news is no Portals or Zelda Projects. The Land Rover set is still under review so maybe it’ll get built. It’s a nice model but not one I’m interested in buying.

The Exo-suit

Robot Tober Day Twenty-three

Today toy is the Kreon version of Sunstorm. He’s from the preview KRE-O Micro changers series. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters.


Robot Tober Day Twenty-two

LEGO Marvel Superheroes game has arrived. so Today pic is Iron Patriot. Iron Patriot came a bonus when I preordered the game from The fig was in a poly bag numbered as #30168. The instructions even include a code  to play Iron Patriot in the game.

LEGO Iron Patriot

Here’s the cover of the game. I’ll play it in a little while. I took the dog to the vet. Expensive! Hopefully he’ll get better quick. I took trash and recycles out plus did some laundry. Time to play.


Robot Tober Day twenty-one Another YA classic post

I spent yesterday photographing fairies so today’s Robot Tober post is another Yoda Archives classic.

We all want to improve ourselves and automatons are no exceptions. The Clockwork Robot is studying on how to be a bigger bot. Here he is reading Super #1 Robot, Japanese Robot Toys, 1972-1982. by Tim Brisko, Matt Alt, Robert Duban, Saburo Ishizuki.

Robot Tober Day Twenty

Remember when you use to swap items in the lunchroom? The clock work robot and a minion trade for their favorites items.
minions want bannana lego robot

Stars: clock work robot and surprise minion

Robot Tober Day Eightteen the lost post!

It’s still Robottober. Today’s post is a Yoda Archives classic, meaning it appeared on this blog back in 2011. It’s Gaiking from the Shogun Warriors.

Yoda finds a new weapon to fight the droid army, Gaiking.

Why is it the lost post? I posted it late on the 18th. But just found it in my drafts meaning it has not been posted to the blog but. It showed up on my social media site which are connected to the wordpress blog. I use Publish to send post to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. The pic is there but it wasn’t posted here.

Robot Tober Day Nineteen

Another late night post. I plan to have tomorrow’s post early in the morning and it’s a comic post.

Did anyone make it to Toys R Us for the Superhero Bricktober events today?

lost in space

Godzilla shirt at Tee fury Affiliate post

King of the Kaiju at Tee-Fury. Tee-Fury wants all my money this week. Available Saturday October 19.
TeeFury Shirts are available for 24 hrs at $11 each. They now have youth sizes! Click their size chart for sizing details.


If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. Tee-fury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site. TeeFury

Also this week Gimmick Tees has JAËGERHEAD and a ACDC Thor and Loki mash up shirts.

Robot Tober Day Seventeen

Grimlock of the Dinobots meets a mouser from LEGO TMNT set Robot Rampage. This is the Transformers Animated version of the Dinobot leader.

Grimlock of the dinobots meets a mouserThis blog just hit 200 followers. Thank all you that are following and supporting my art, Please drop in a comment.

Post 475! Robot Tober Day Sixteen


Clockwork robot finally finishes the story of how he met Female Robot.

Robot Tober Day Fifteen

robot_day_15 Clockwork robot has gotten too excited about the release of Pacific Rim on dvd today.