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Rocket and Groot

Black Panther shirt and Funko Pop at shirtpunch affiliate post!

Today, Aug 8 2016, ShirtPunch has a Black Panther Bundle with a Black Panther Funko Pop,  Black Panther #1 and a cool shirt. The bundle is $18. I just ordered the Guardian Bundle a couple of days ago, now I need to decide if I can get this one too.


Plus they have Power Rangers, Harley Quinn, and  TMNT themed shirt.

Guardians of the Galaxy shirt w Funko pop Bundle at shirtpunch: affiliate post!

Today, aug 6 2016, ShirtPunch  has a Guardians Of The Galaxy Bundle with a Collector Funko Pop and a Thanos shirt and Dorbs of Groot and Rocket. The bundle is $20.


Plus they have a Deadpool and Colossus team up shirt, a Suicide Squad shirt and a Sailor Moon Shirt.






LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2015 December 9

Today we have an Ewok catapult. Same kind of catapult we’ve seen in other sets. Rocket decided to test it.

lego 75097 and rocket raccon

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Robot Tober 2014 Day Eleven

Today’s pic is from Valentines day.

Calamity Drone, the lego movie mini fig


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Robot Tober 2014 Day Ten




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Rocket’s New Buddy

rocket and godzilla

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens today!




“Who?” “Star Lord, man….legendary outlaw?

Guardians of the Galaxy opens this week, Starlord had to make his own personalized coke. Guess he’s not as legendary a outlaw as he thought.
Starlord and rocket

“Star Lord” “Who?” “Star Lord, man….legendary outlaw? Aw, forget it”

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon figureJust a couple of weeks away till the big movie.

Everything is Hodorsome shirt from ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

Everything is Hodorsome at  ShirtPunch TV. today June 5th only. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to see ShritPunch TV.Plus Rocket shot first and Dragon God on Shirt Punch’s main page



ShirtPunch is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.