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Drax, What’s in your stocking?

Santa has made his trip around the world. What did he leave for the characters of the Marvel Universe?

What did Santa give to Drax? A funny little man.

I shot this with a new camera lenses for my phone. The apartment is Bros Thor’s New Asgard set. I used it a few times for other Thor pics. Here is the main New Asgard post with some custom brick. The set was also used last year for what in your stocking series.


What did you give this year?

Christmas is over, no need for secrets anymore, what did you give this year?

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Dec 10 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s build is D-O.small droid D-O. Body is round like a wheel of chesse. Head is cone shape. It has a santa hat.

Counting the days?

Are you unboxing an advent calendar? Which one? If you are blogging it put a link in the comments.

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Dec 24 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

You better watch out Santa Jango Fett is coming to town! There is nice torso printing on this one. The Mandalorian looks great in red with a little white collar and some holly. The helmet is still in Jango’s colors not red so you know it’s Jango and not Boba.
Why would they make that distinction? Did they just leave a hint as to how Santa travels the world in one night? and why you see Santas in every mall? Is Santa the genetic material for a clone army? Is that how he gets elves?

santa jango fett minifig