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I find your lack of Bacon Distrubing

Gimmick Tees has a two new shirts this week.
I FIND YOUR LACK OF BACON DISTURBING, celebrates our love for all things bacon in as Star Wars-y a way as possible.


TIME FOR SCIENCE! is dedicated to those folks that entertain, educate, and sometimes blow things up… for science! Seven of our favorite edutainers adorn this design…Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Paul Zaloom (Beakman), Kari Byron, and Bill Nye.Both tees are available on BLACK tees.



Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking. I get a little piece of each sale made through the Gimmick Tees it helps me run the blog.

LEGO Flesh Wound T-shirt

Gimmick Tees has another LEGO themed Tee-shirt. Flesh wound  is available till August 4th. The design is inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They have a variety of shirt styles: Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking. flesh wound lego shirt

Thanks to Mariann at Model building secret’s for sharing this.


They also have a Cold Slither shirt inspired by G.I.Joe animated series from the 80’s.

New Page: What’s in the Bag?

I have a new page that lists some of the apps, tricks, and websites that help you determine what is hiding in that blind bag. The link is at the top of this blog. I made a page rather than a post so it could be easier to find. If you have more tips or sites please post them on the page.


What’s in the Bag.

The blind bags are cool but they can be frustrating finding the figure you want. You may want just one figure from a set. You might want to collect all the figures. or you may want multiples of the same figure for army building. But how can you know what is in the bag? These Blind bags guides can help.

The best I’ve found for LEGO is the Touch Guide in the My Mini’s app. The app coats $1.99 so less than a mini-fig and its well worth it. no only does it tell you what to feel for it shows you what mini’s you might confuse with it.

Print sale plus more ebay lisitngs.

I just started a sale in the Online Shop. 20% off prints till Thursday night. I also have a few listing on ebay. check the links on the sidebar.

It’s Bricktober at Toys R Us

This week if you spend $60 or more on LEGO sets or board games  you get a free mini-fig 5-pack. There will be a different mini-fig pack each week during Bricktober.
Toys R US says they’ll have LEGO deals all month-long. This week deal is Buy one LEGO set get another for 40% off. But sale excludes Ninjago, Friends and Technic.
toys r us bricktober figs

I don’t know if you can buy the figures separate. TRU lists them as a $24.99 value so that would be the price. There’s a new set of figs each week, I’d like to get one or two of the sets I’ll have to see what the special is the week the set I want is offered.


Toys R US

Prints and Minifings on ebay

I have some prints and Lego minifigs on ebay. Many more prints and print sizes in the online store. I have a few more extra series 5 LEGO minifigs to list just have to photograph them.

flamenco dancer mini fig

New Master TMNT Print

Minotaur in the Mist Print