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D’oh nuts Homer in trouble

It’s National Doughnut day. Homer knew did you?

national doughnut day


Aquaman Weekend: Blinky’s Revenge

You just know this is what Mr. Burns would say.
aquaman meets mr burns


Oct 23 Huttoween Countdown



It’s Jabba’s skull.




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Oct 21 Halloween Countdown



Characters in costume.

LEGO bart simpson dressed as Godzilla



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LEGO shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has a LEGO Minifig shirt today.



Plus two Simpsons shirts and a Dr Seuss shirt.

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2014 Year End Review part 1

It’s been a great year for us at Yoda Archives. We have a lot of fun at the fairs and conventions. It’s great to get out there at meet people face to face. The traffic and support for my toy photography has been amazing. We’ve picked up more followers and sponsors. And also supported some Kickstarter projects and Creations for charity. In the next few posts I plan to recap the year.


One of our 2014 blog goals was to beat 2013 views for each month. I’m happy to report We made that goal. We had an increase in views for every month some month were small increases others were huge. You broke my all time traffic record in July then again through out the year. In 2013 October was my least trafficked month, this fall October was my busiest month of the year. My Followers set another new record during October. The record was quickly broke in November and then shattered in December. With a few day remaining in December, the site had more traffic in one month than the entire first year. In fact it’s very close to being double that first year.

Thank You for all the support.

New thor custom lego minifigure.



Affiliate post: Minions or Rigellians?

At TeeFury august 27 only! Banana Nana and Hail Rigel VII. Minions or Simpsons?

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.09.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.09.40 PM

Deadpool and Bobo verse the World

Deadpool and Bobo visit sunny Tatooine.

Deadpool and bobo in the rancors pit

This image will be on sale as an 8×10 print at the art show in Hypericon this weekend. And on my site or ebay sometime this weekend.

Aquaman in Blinky’s Revenge

You just know this is what Mr. Burns would say.
aquaman meets mr burns

D’oh nuts Homer in trouble

Here’s my really late post for National Doughnut day.


national doughnut day

umm That ain’t me kid.

milhouse meets cyclopsMilhouse wants an autograph.

Return of Bartzilla!

lego bart simpson as godzilla

Bartzilla is back!

On No There’s goes Springfield, go go Bartzilla!

LEGO bart simpson dressed as Godzilla

The new Godzilla movie is just a few days away and every one wants to attend.  Inspired by Burger King Simpsons toy.



From the extended edition.

Marge adds a woman touch to bagend

Help it’s Allergy season!

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten reveals our feeling about allergy season. It’s hard to believe some thing as small as pollen can make us feel so small our selves.


Milhouse is one of the new Simpsons LEGO Minfigures ( # 71005).

New toys! I mean cast members.

LEGO Simpsons minifigs in stores today.

Today is the official release date of The LEGO Simpsons minifigs. I was unable to find any in store early, so I’ll be checking a few stores today. Some of the fan sites already have the figs and have provided guides for those of us that are still searching.

Brick and Bloks has made a chart of bump codes for the Simpsons minifigs.  He does note that in the past LEGO has changed the bump codes, so these may not be the same.  The Brick Fan has a touch guide detailing what accessories to feel for in the bag. I will use a combination of these as I collect the figures. I want to get the entire set this time. I will get a few bags today and hold off on anymore till after I see all the May the 4th sales. If LEGO has some great deals on Star wars sets I’ve been eyeing I’m getting them.


Good hunting.

What did you find?

Any more tips for other collectors?

Any idea on the how many of each character are in a box?


Thanks to Grace who shared Euro Bricks’s great review and distribution breakdown for the Simpsons minfigs.

LEGO events this week

It’s a busy geek weekend. The Simpsons minifigs are due to be released Thursday, May 1. look for the blind bags wherever you buy your LEGO sets.  The Simpsons LEGO episode airs Sunday night be sure to watch on May 4th.

May the 4th is also a big Star Wars holiday. Many companies will have sales on Star Wars Merchandise.   I know that at least one of the shirt a day sites has a couple of Star Wars themed designs planned. LEGO is offering a free Darth Revan minifig with purchase of $75 of LEGO Star Wars sets.  They will also have a free poster with any Star Wars set. They will have sale on some Star wars sets but those sales have not been announced yet.  I will post them when they are announced late Friday night. I will participate by running sale on my star wars toy photography themed prints this weekend.

The Star Wars blog usually posts a list of the sale and specials for May the 4th.  So be sure to check the blog this weekend.

I will participate by running sale on my star wars toy photography themed prints this weekend.

Also this Saturday is Free Comic book day check your local comic book store for details.

Affiliate Post Godzilla, Deadpool, and Jon Snow in detention.

Godzilla at  ShirtPunch. “King of the Kaiju” by Chip Skelton Art & Storytelling, “Tacos and Unicorns” by Jml2art, and “I Know Nothing” features Jon Snow at the Springfield elementary blackboard is on shirtpunch Tv. “King of the Kaiju” was offered by one of the other shirt place last year. so if you missed them here’s your chance.

 All three at Shirt Punch and Shirt Punch TV April 6th 2014 for $10 each.





ShirtPunch is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.

Also newLEGO pic in the AM


LEGO The Simpsons House available now!

LEGO The Simpsons House available now!.

The LEGO The Simpsons House is now available for LEGO VIP members. Weeks before the wide release date  of February first!

LEGO The Simpsons House video

A brief video showcasing the Simpsons mini figs and House.

The Simpsons LEGO set!

The Simpsons house is now a massive LEGO set. The set is 2,523 pieces and will retail for $199 us and $229 in Canada. The set will be sold at shop.LEGO and LEGO Stores in February.

Simpsons_1-1024x833 1545837_696382110394341_1002196322_n

This is one of the nicest sets I’ve seen.  It’s huge measuring over 9” (23cm) high, 16” (42cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep. I can fit this somewhere in my house. It even has inanimate carbon rod.

The roof is removable and you can swing the house open and play on the two story interior. There is a lot of play to this set.

• Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders

• First floor includes yellow and light-blue tiled floor, sink, oven and stove, drawers, cups, pot, pan, bowl, mixer, plates, cake tins, cutlery, dining table and 4 chairs

• Living room features TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, couch, boat painting, telephone, carpet, purple piano and staircase to the second floor with family photos

• Bart’s room features a bed, night lamp, desk with pin board, chair, Krusty the Clown poster, skateboard, shelves with books, radio and a cap

• Marge and Homer’s bedroom features a bed, 2 side tables, Maggie’s crib and Marge’s bag
• Lisa’s room features a vanity mirror with hairbrush, stool, bed, table with lamp and cup, shelves with books, magnifying glass, backpack and a jazz poster on the wall

• Bathroom features a shower, toilet, sink and a mirror

• Detachable garage features the family car, tools, workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, toolbox and a broom

• Family car with space for 4 minifigures features a dent in the front and an opening trunk to store Homer’s suitcase and a ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant

• Outside area includes a grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ decoration, sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp with ‘El Barto’ graffiti and an antenna on the roof.


Yes I want this set. It would easily fit on my book case, unlike the Tower of Orthanc set. Both set are the same price which would I rather have? I’m a big fan of both series. My birthday is not in February but my unbirthday is.


Income tax day D’oh.