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Pi day 3.14.14

New year same joke, same pie too. I would have used a pizza but I cleaned up and can’t find my brick food.

teenage muntant ninja turtles lego minis celebrate pi day.

Pi Day 2013
Pi day 2012

Martian Manhunter Minifigure in March


I pulled some images from the LEGO calendar. First is the Martian Manhunter figure, that is free with a $75  purchase at the LEGO store in March. You can get a calendar in store or download it from the store locator page at

martian manhunter mini fig

Starting March 10 you can snap your picture with DC comic super heroes.MAR2014-StoreCal-dcphoto

March 1-21 free Acro-fighter with LEGO Chima set purchase. Offer does not include keys chains or accessories. But if you want this now they are still at Target in the check out lanes.MAR2014-StoreCal-chima

It’s just now February so you have time to wait on the above offers. Right now you can get an “The LEGO Movie” polybag with a $50 purchase. The LEGO movie hits theaters Friday! legomovie_poly

LEGO Martian Manhunter Minifigure Revealed on March 2014 Calendar

LEGO Martian Manhunter Minifigure Revealed on March 2014 Calendar.

LEGO Stores March calendar reveal a Martian Manhunter ploybag with $75 purchase in March. Be glad February is a short month.

via the brickfan!

Armor wearing Alien Squid conference


Daleks meet the Kraang

Black Canary

DC black Canary custom  mini fig

This is a custom Black Canary, she’s been on the site before in Now you’ll be known as Blackeye! and More Horsepower.

Marvel LEGO covers coming to a Comic store near you!

In conjunction with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game coming this fall, Marvel has announced LEGO Marvel variant covers to some of their titles. IGN has listed 21 covers that will get the LEGO treatment.

Working with the folks at The LEGO Group to do these homage covers is an absolute blast!” said David Gabriel, SVP of Sales, Print & Digital, in a press release.

All-New X-Men #17
Avengers #21
Avengers A.I. #4
Captain America #12
Daredevil #31
Fantastic Four #13
Guardians Of The Galaxy #7
Infinity #3
Iron Man #17
Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble #1
Mighty Avengers 1
New Avengers #11
Nova #8
Secret Avengers #10
Superior Spider-Man #19
Thor: God Of Thunder #14
Uncanny Avengers #12
Wolverine & The X-Men #36

Collecting variant cover can get pretty expensive. I would hope that some of these end up sold as mini posters.

Exculsive Jor-El

Spend $75 at LEGO Stores or and get a free Jor-El Man of Steel LEGO Minifig.
Offer is good June 1-25 or while supplies last.

Jor-El minifig lego

And if you like Superman head to Metropolis this weekend for Superman celebration.
June 6-9 2013
Superman Celebration
Metropolis, IL

Also June 1-15 Buy 2 Legends of Chima Speedorz get one free. See Shop.LEGO for full details.

Justice League Tots 2013

For June Sonic has Justice League toys. Best of all six Justice League Tots including characters that were missing from last years, set Batman and Green Lantern. There’s also a Wonder Woman, Cheeta, Sinestro and the Joker. Justice League tots 2

I cannot tell if that is a new version of Wonder Woman or not The 2013 image is an illustration while the 2012 pic is a product photo.They look pretty similar. I’ll let you know when I find them at a Sonic.

You may have seen the 2012 tots on my Superman Day part III post back in April

Heroes in a half shell

lego teenage muntant Ninja turtles

Wrong Sewer! stars Raphael and Donatello LEGO Minifigs from Baxter Robot Rampage (79105) and K’nex Mario Kart Mario and Lugi.

I’m sick of these snakes.

LEGO Medusa and Nick fury

Sick of Snakes stars LEGO Minifig series 10 Medusa and Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. flying car from LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Cycle Chase 76004. Based on Samuel L Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane.