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Crit -Hit at tee-fury Affiliate Post

D&D And Kool-aid Mash-up at Tee-fury today.

Also White Rabbit

Return of Autoblocks at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Auto-Blocks. available on red or silver. I got this a long time ago. Still a great design. Plus now they have it on Womens, Womens fitted, mens,Mens Premium, and youth sizes.  Get this limited edition shirt at!


LEGO minifig women of science shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has a LEGO women of science shirt today. It is part of a bundle with a NASA pin and 12 NASA postcards. The bundle is $12.00.

Monday Programmer at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Monday Programmer at Tee-fury Feb 27. available on Blue or Navy.  Get this limited edition shirt at!


The Brickhouse at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

The Brickhouse at Tee-fury Jan 26. available on Blue, black, or red. Get this limited edition shirt at!

Get built minifig tee

LEGO shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has a LEGO Minifig shirt today.



Plus two Simpsons shirts and a Dr Seuss shirt.

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The Dude Minfig tee at TeeFury :Affiliate post.

The Brick Abides at TeeFury Nov 7 for $11.

Get this limited edition shirt at!

Lucille is Awesome shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has a LEGO Negan Minifig shirt today.




Build A Wall After School shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has an after school special today. This design is only available from 4pm till midnight EST. Plus the tees are only $8.

lego trump build a wall

build a wall

Brick Humor and Giant freaking robot at Teefury: Affiliate post


Today ,July 3 2016,  Tee fury features a classic giant Robot and a shirt ever builder can relate to. The first featuring that four letter word we all say when we step on a piece of ABS plastic. The other design is a classic 80’s cartoon that has a new show on netflix.



Get these limited edition shirt now on!


Godzilla and Superman at Teefury: Affiliate post


Today’s Tee fury designs features Godzilla in a classic comic book inspired piece and an artistic Superman piece. Today, Only April 5 2016.


Get these limited edition shirt now on!


Smuggler’s Bounty: Cantina Box unboxing Spoilers!

Smuggler’s Bounty March 2016

I recently subscribed to Smuggler’s Bounty. It is a bimonthly mystery box featuring Star Wars and Funko. Everything in the box is exclusive to Smuggler’s Bounty. The theme for this box was  Cantina, So let’s see What in the box.


Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.


Deadpool at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Two Deadpool Designs at  Tee-fury Feb 15. Get these limited edition shirt at! Ace of wades and Our Guy’ll Kill Ya! Today only But There’s also the chimichanga-party collection from Feb 15 -22.

deadpool tees






Voltron minfig shirt

I just saw this awesome shirt at Ript Apparel. Just a few hours left if you want it. So cool now I want that as an actual figure.

Godzilla and Alien at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Glow in the dark Godzilla shirt and slick sheen ink Alien shirt at Tee-fury Jan 25. Get this limited edition shirt at!.





Geeky Holiday tee at TeeFury :Affiliate post.

Geeky Holiday at TeeFury Dec 1 for $11. Get this limited edition shirt at!.

Sorry for back to back shirt post. But this is too cool not to share. I would be getting one but just made a big LEGO order.geeky holiday


Tesla Minifig tee at TeeFury :Affiliate post.

Exotic Magnetism by Paclin at TeeFury Nov 9 for $11 for one earth day. Pacalin designed the awesome Neil Degrasse Tyson and carl Sagan shirt.

Get this limited edition shirt at!

Lego tesla minifig

Affiliate post Back to the future shirts!

Oct 21 2015 means back to the Future shirt Time at Tee-fury.

Get these limited edition shirts now on!


If you missed them, like I did you can get yesterday’s Shirts at afterhours.

“Cara Mia – Mon Cher” by Medusa Dollmaker and “World’s Greatest Botanist” by Pacalin are available now exclusively on TeeFury



Get this limited edition shirt now on!


Affilate post Knight’s Armor


Tee fury has an awesome Dark Knight shirt today.

Today’s Shirt.

Get this limited edition shirt now on!

Shop TeeFury New Leggings & Skirts-All Designs Under $40!


Deadpool design at Tee fury.

At TeeFury today only Deadpool in Tacos! I mean Deadpool is featured in the design named “Tacos”. Plus free stickers with order.  Tee shirt available in dark chocolate, red, or black.


deadpool tee shirts

Tee Fury is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.