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Stitch has a new friend and a speeder. It’s 626 day, Enjoy a new image of LEGO Stitch and Grogu.

Stitch trying to drive a speeder bike. He's in the air holding on the the handle. Grogu is in the seat.

Stitch is from the Disney collectible Minifigure series. Grogu and the speeder bike are from “Trouble on Tatooine” set #75299. It was a Father’s Day gift.

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Dec 5 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Here’s today’s build is the Razor Crest from the Mandalorian. This is another cool mini build.

Counting the days?

Are you unboxing an advent calendar? Which one? If you are blogging it put a link in the comments.

Boone from LEGO Masters is doing all four LEGO advents calendars on his YouTube channel. Check it out on YouTube. He builds the City, Friends, Harry Potter, and Star Wars builds everyday. Plus he’s made his own 80’s themed calendar.

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R2-KT and The Child challenge coin

There’s a new R2-KT challenge coin on the way. This one uses a redesign of a patch. The coin displays  R@-KT on onside and the child on the other. Sales of the coin benefit the United Way Covid-19 World Relief Fund. 

The patch was designed to show separation by how we positioned the characters, but the coin makes it even more clear: R2-KT on one side, the Child (aka Baby Yoda) on the other. Separated, but never far apart.

R@_KT and The Child with hearts in between them. Text sasy "hug you I can with the force."


Order Information

* Coins are 1.5″ in diameter with a silver metallic finish and made to the same standards as all our challenge coins. 

* Each coin is $7 (or $5 each for orders of five or more).

* Shipping is just $4 for every five coins ordered in the U.S.

* International shipping is $8 for up to five coins. For orders of more than five coins, please email us how many coins you want and we can get you a quote on cost of shipping.

* Pre-order now by sending payment via PayPal to

* Please use the Goods & Services option when paying (to keep PayPal happy)

* Coins will ship in late June / early July

More patches here


I have several of the KT challenge coins. They are well designed and have a nice weight to them.

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The Mandalorian Trailer

Looks like I need Disney+