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Pi day 3.14

New year same jokes, same pie too.

teenage muntant ninja turtles lego minis celebrate pi day.


pi day 3.14

Guess what day it is!

april fools in LEGO


LEGO Rocket Raccoon at Toys R Us.

The Rocket Raccoon (#5002145) polybag is finally available at Toys R Us in the US. It is not a gift with purchase either you can just buy the Rocket minifigure for $4.99. Rocket is in the red uniform the Guardians wore in the later part of the movie. The set also has a baby Groot figure, and some alternative stickers for the Milano (#76021) ship.  Previously this figure was part of a ComicCon exclusive set.

rocket raccoon lego 5002145I like this version of Rocket. I almost had him early. I was at a Toys R Us the other day. The bags were hanging on an end cap with a price label. But when I got up front the register wouldn’t allow the cashier to ring it. She called a manager who said they couldn’t sell it till the 16th. He said they weren’t suppose to be out yet and asked where I found it.

I made a trip today to pick it up. I  went the TRU that is closer to home. They didn’t have them on the slaesfloor. Instead they were at the service desk you just have to ask. I’m guessing they kept the there to avoid theft and scalpers. I’ve already seen people posting bags of them online and reselling them. I’m ok if you pick up an extra one or two but really leave some for everybody else.

UPDATE: I checked the TRU that had stocked them early. They had them on the salefloor instead of behind the counter. Also there are some reports that some TRUs are holding them off the floor till this weekend.


Toys R us does have a LEGO Polybag promo this week. Buy $30 or more of LEGO and get a free TMNT mini Shellraiser polybag (#084594). I was able to walk out with spending $30 on LEGO mainly because I couldn’t find Rocket on the floor. One I went up front and got him I didn’t return to the main store.  They also have but one get one 40% on Mega Bloks ‘s, Halo, ans Call of Duty  sets and the McFarland Toys Walking Dead sets.

New comic

april fools in LEGO

You know I had to do it.

Pi day 3.14.14

New year same joke, same pie too. I would have used a pizza but I cleaned up and can’t find my brick food.

teenage muntant ninja turtles lego minis celebrate pi day.

Pi Day 2013
Pi day 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stop motion films


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Turtles Ride!

No Raphael, you cannot keep him. We do not ride our turtle friends.

lego teenage mutant ninja turtles

The big Turtle is from Mega Bloks WoW line. It is the Dragon Turtle set and came with a Panderan Monk rider. (#91204)

Polybags at Target.

I finally made the brave trek to Target today. I knew they had a LEGO polybag I wanted I just haven’t had the time to make the trip yet and didn’t want to be anywhere near the place last week. Target usually has small gifts for most holidays. Christmas is the big one so I want hunting polybag. Sure enough they has a Christmas train (#40034). The set has 82 pieces and was $4.99. It’s an engine pulling a car with some gifts.


They also have a Friends Ice Cream cart polybag (3106) and the TMNT Kraang Laser Turret set (30270)I posted back in October.

krang minifig  30270Plus a surprise from brick clone. Target had two Best-lock Star Gate SG-1 Polybags. One was a Glider and the other was Jack on Abydos set. When word got out about SG-1 building block sets, I though cool I can get the instructions and build the gate with LEGO bricks. But it turned out the gate was a molded piece so I didn’t go hunting for it.
I’ve built a couple Best-locks sets before.They brick don’t click well. The paint job and figure likenesses are not near at LEGO’s level either. The minifig in the set was broke. They did replace it though.
But I had to get a Stargate and DHD set for under $5. So I will build it soon and give a full review.


Another neat item they had was a Spot the dog PEZ dispenser. It’s part of a gift card set so you have to buy the gift card to get it. I’ll think about getting it. I missed the LEGO spot set a couple years back. I used to collect PEZ so it might be neat one to add.

Armor wearing Alien Squid conference


Daleks meet the Kraang

Robot Tober Day Twenty-Eight

Welcome to Robot Tober. I decided to challenge myself to do a post a day for this month. The theme for the month is Robots. each day I plan to post a pic of a robot, mech, or power suit action figure.

Today’s toy is the Kraang in his battle suit. He is from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape 79100. The minifig version of Kraang  appeared in this blog back on Oct 7.

Kraang lego battle suit

Robot Tober Day Seventeen

Grimlock of the Dinobots meets a mouser from LEGO TMNT set Robot Rampage. This is the Transformers Animated version of the Dinobot leader.

Grimlock of the dinobots meets a mouserThis blog just hit 200 followers. Thank all you that are following and supporting my art, Please drop in a comment.

Lego Superhero Poly Bags, Bricktober

Toys R us is running their Bricktober event again this year. If you spend $60 or more on LEGO you get a free five figure LEGO set. They are also having a free build Saturday Oct 19 12-2 Saturday. It is a Mini brick built Joker Power suit. I didn’t get a pic of their signage. The kit is a human shaped figure in Joker’s color scheme. It is just bricks, no head piece like the Full Joker #4527 set.

What I did find at my Toys R Us was Superhero polybags. They had the Krang Laser turret set (#30270) that was an in store build at some point. They also had the Iron Man vs Fighting drone set (#30167) for 3.99. This set was given away at LEGO store back in May if you spent $50 or more. Finally for $4.99 they had the  (#30166) Robin and Red Bird Cycle set. I thought what a coincidence finding Robin the same time as news of a 2014 NIghtwing minifig was circulating on the web.

Robot Tober Day Seven

Welcome to Robot Tober. I decided to challenge myself to do a post a day for this month. The theme for the month is Robots. each day I plan to post a pic of a robot, mech, or power suit action figure.

Today’s toy is the Krang in minifg form. Krang is in his mech suit. This set is a polybag with brick-built turtle targets, think  minimalistic, and a laser turret. He has front and back printing.

krang minifig  30270


Turtles in the Garden

turtles in the garden

I fund turtles in the garden. What kind of turtle? Teenage Mutant Ninja kind.

Heroes in a half shell

lego teenage muntant Ninja turtles

Wrong Sewer! stars Raphael and Donatello LEGO Minifigs from Baxter Robot Rampage (79105) and K’nex Mario Kart Mario and Lugi.

LEGO TMNT Confirmed

TMNT in Lego! coming Next year!

Maybe I’ll reshoot How do you like the new teacher

Battle of the Sais!

One fights The Hand, one fights The Foot, now they fight each other.
Elektra battles Raphael

Hey Leo how do you like the new Master?

It’s time to go back to school. Each new year students fear what’s to come, They fear the new school, new classes or new teachers. This year the turtles have a new Master. And his first lesson is “Fear leads to anger”