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Schleich Toy Photography contest

Toy maker Schleich is holding a Toy Photography contest.Ten finalists will get $100 worth of Schleich products. The grand prize is $500 worth of Schleich products. Don’t want to submit a photo, there is also a sweepstakes where 5 people will win $25 worth of Schleich toys. Contest runs till June 2nd.

How to enter Photo Contest

Take a picture featuring Schleich products and upload it to their contest page.

How to enter Sweepstakes

Visit the contest page a do a few actions in the gleam app. This is just visiting some of Schleich’s social media pages.

You have to be eighteen to enter so kids will have to take a picture and get a guardian to upload it. They encourage this in the rules.
Visit Schleich Imagination-Contest for full contest details.

Schleich hired Toy photographer, Mitchel Wu to make images for the Power of imagination program. He has plenty of tips for how to photograph toys. These apply not only to the contest but to any Toy Photography you want to do.
How to Create Winning Toy Photos

Photo Contest:
Ten (10) Finalists will be chosen by a panel of Schleich judges Each of the Ten (10) Finalists wins a Schleich prize package valued at $100. The Finalist photos are then uploaded to Instagram via @SchleichUSA for one week.
The photo with the most “likes” will be the Grand Prize Winner. Grand Prize Winner receives $500 in Schleich products

Five (5) winners will be chosen at Random to receive $25 in Schleich product.
Visit Schleich Imagination-Contest for full contest details.

Cool Toys

In reading about this contest, I looked through their website. They have some awesome fantasy creatures in their Eldrador line. I’m definitely getting A Kraken and a Lava Scorpion. Schleich has some awesome looking toys I have some of their dragons and my son has some of their animals.

Your Thoughts

Are you going to enter? Does this sound like fun?

Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary!

This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back! Boba Fett made his big screen debut in Empire  so here are a few pic of the bounty hunter. He was in the animated section of the Star Wars special before Empire but we don’t talk about that.

how did fett escape the Sarlacc?
Boba Fett Deaslist Preadator


UPDATE: I removed a picture from this post. It was the promo image of the Hallamark LEGO Boba Fett Ornament. I didn’t take that one and didn’t catch it till afterI made the post.

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New series Brick Sketches

LEGO has annoucned a new series LEGO Sketches, These were designed by LEGO artist Chris McVeigh. He’s been making these on his site for years. But now are an official set that you can get this summer.

These first sets are BB-8, First Order Stormtrooper, Batman and Joker. I’ll get BB-8 and Batman.

I like how how designed batman grin.

I’ve admired these since I saw the on Chris’ site. They remind me of the old Toys R US build of Captain America set my son made. I toyed around with building my own character portraits like this but never got far. I bought some plates for it and that;s about as far as I got. The Brick Sketches have a better look that this old kit. The blocky look is replaced by a more in depth look. I can’t wait for these.


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Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary!

Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back! Yoda made his debut in The Empire Strikes Back and since he was the focus of this blog in the early days here are some Yoda photos.

Brick built Yoda.

LEGO set #7194 Jedi Master Yoda


Concept art Yoda


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Toy Photography Book on sale!

With the shutdown, comic books aren’t being delivered to stores.  Comic and their distributors are closed. To prevent fan boredom Dynamite comics is running an indiegogo champaign with on hand books. They are discounting graphic novels and comics that they have in stock so won’t be delayed waiting for publication.

One of the books is Ten Seconds Per Frame by Johnny Wu. He has some amazing Toy Photographer. The book is only $6.00. Other books include Red Sonja, The Romita Legacy, Art of Alex Ross, and mystery boxes of comics and graphic novels. They’ve already sold out of the Art of Atari book, I would have bought it if they still had any.

Supplies are limited to what is on hand and the sale ends at the end of April. Shipping is expected to start as soon as indiegogo releases the payment.






LEGO Frozone minifig in the snow.


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A Satyr out for a stroll in the snow.

LEGO Satyr in snow. Satyr witha staff walking on s snowy hill.


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Sauron Marvel Legends Build a Figure Review

Last fall I bought a 1990’s ToyBiz Sauron figure at a comic convention. It was a cool figure, and I thought it would be great for photography. The guy at the booth said they were coming about with a Sauron Build A Figure series. How many times have a bought a loose figure only to have a new version come out soon afterwards? Well there was Toy Biz Sasquatch I got then shortly later the Sasquatch build a figure, was announced, I bought a loose Leonardo mini-fig and literally the next day the Karai Bike Escape Building Set (79118) with Leonardo set was announced. I’ve bought custom Captain Marvel and Storm(1)(2) LEGO mini figs only to have official versions released later. So it happens, just part of being a collector.

Here’s the ToyBiz 1990s Sauron figure.  You may have seen him on the blog earlier. He’s nicely sculpted, but there’s not a lot of paint, His jaw opens and there’s articulation at arms and legs. Cool figure but a little hard to stand. I tried to several times to get a good shot of him standing overhead. The image is not as intimidating as I envisioned.

I looked up the Sauron build a figure and it looked awesome. But I really didn’t have that much interest in the figures from the series. I already had a Deadpool. Lady Deadpool was neat. Wolverine and Bishop are cool looking figs the but not worth $20 a pop to me. Sauron was cool but not $120.00 cool.

A few months pass and the post-Christmas sales start. I see the Lady Deadpool at a decent price online. Which led me to to start checking online and offline for other deals. I didn’t find any figures on sale, but there’s always the secondary market. Some people part out the sets. I won a few auctions and started collecting the parts. I gave in and got Deadpool in boxers figure and rounded off the set with a couple more eBay purchases.

Finally, I have Sauron. He is massive. This figure is amazing. The sculpt is detailed. There are scales on the torso, veins in his arms and neck. The head is large with a movable jaw, pointed teeth, and nasty red eyes. Sauron has huge freaking wings. They are segmented so parts can move as the arms move.

The paint job is well done with great hues of green and yellow on the torso and wings. The leathery textured wings have some slits in them that give it a more realistic appearance. The loin cloth is sculpted to show motion. Blue pouches give a visual pop to his belt. There’s not a lot of paint to the legs, arms, or tail but they do have sculpted scales.

You can move his legs, turn his feet, bend knees but this isn’t a figure you would crouch. It is tall and has a wide wing span. There’s articulation at his head, neck and jaw, shoulders, and elbows. His hands rotate. The tail is great to balance him standing but I need some of those action figure stands so I can pose him flying.

Sauron builds a figure standing in a jungle scene.


Now that’s an intimidating Sauron.

This is only the second BAF I have collected. The other was Dormammu which I got cause I liked the series and got many of the figures super cheap at Target post-Christmas. Then finished it with parts via E-bay. You can see Dormammu on this post.

What do you think?

Do you collect any Build a Figures? Would you read more toy reviews? Who has the best stands for posing figures?

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Captain Marvel Today!

Monday Humor

It’s Monday, are you ready for this week?


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