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Vintage inspirted 92 card back shirt at Tee fury

Tee Fury has two Star Wars shirts today.

No One’s Slave features a pin-up version of Princess Leia in the metal bikini, a beautiful drawing of Leia. But the one fans of this blog may find interesting is 92 Card Back which is inspired by the vintage Kenner line.  It is designed after the figure card backs which showed all the figures in the toy line.

leia as a pin up


vintage star wars card backs

A close up of the figures. You can see more at Tee-fury.


Tee-fury now has shoes and geeky “ugly sweater” sweatshirts. Scroll down their site to see.

Robot Tober 2014 Day Nineteen

Welcome back to Robot Tober! Anyone remember this line of toys?




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Robot Tober Day Ten: Vintage Robot

Welcome to Robot Tober. I decided to challenge myself to do a post a day for this month. The theme for the month is Robots. Each day I plan to post a pic of a robot, mech, or power suit action figure

Yesterday I showed you my son’s first robot toy. Here is one from my childhood. Valcan-1 is a vintage die-cast robot. He’s well worn. He had launching fists and a blue metallic dome encased computer brain.
Valcan-1 die-cast robot.