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Happy Birthday Gal Gadot!

Join us in wishing Gal Gadot a happy birthday!

bombshell wonder woman


Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Dc Bombshells!

bombshell wonder woman

From the DC lil Bombshells series.

Wonder Woman!

Petunia Pig as Wonder Woman from some kids meal.


Wonder Woman!

Affilate post My Little Star Light and a couple updates

This post is longer than most caused I need to give out thanks, updates, and an announcement.

First off thanks to all my followers that purchase from my affiliates. It really helps support this blog. First off Tee fury is changing the company they use for their affiliates. The links in older blog posts may not work starting in August. I’m going through his history to update them until then, if a link doesn’t work just use the side banner.

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Today’s Shirt.

MLP rainbow bright mash up shirt


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Psst really cool shirt coming late next week.

New affiliates

I’ve added a new affiliate Giantmicrobes. These are pretty cool I got one in a Nerd Block last year.



GIANTmicrobes® are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! They’re humorous, educational, and fun.

Originally designed as a teaching tool to help small children learn about the importance of hand-washing, as the company has grown, GIANTmicrobes® have been created for many other purposes. There are now over a hundred designs depicting everything from the cells of the body, to the probiotic creatures that improve health, to the philanthropic microbes that make bread and yogurt, to the aquatic amoebas and paramecium familiar to high school students, to a wide range of medical pathogens.


A Milestone Ahead

I’m nearing my 1000th post! I’m going to set some time aside from class so I can get some more cool LEGO Photography lined up. Look for new images in the near future.

Thank you.

Tee-fury Wonder Woman Leggings and a sale

I’m testing  to see if there’s interest in leggings, shoes, or any of tee fury others items. Here are some cool Wonder Woman Leggings. They have other leggings and skirts, if enough of my followers are interested I’ll post other ones as they are released.

Also Tee fury has a one time use 15% promo code good till Aug 7. See code at end of post.

wonder woman leggings



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Independence Day


Have a safe and happy Independence Day

DC Comics Series 2 Buildables

I found these at my local walmart today. I got a Clark Kent one. Hopefully I can snag a wonder woman and a green arrow soon. according to Experience The Wonder series 2 has been out for a while but this is the first time I’ve seen them. The official site doesn’t even list them. Check my tags to see series one figures on the blog.

dc buildable characters

2″ DC Comics Series 2 Buildables

The DC Comics Heroes are back as buildable figurines. Included in this Series 2 are favorite heroes Batman and Superman as Clark Kent. Other DC Comics characters include Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Cyborg. They’re not only super-cute, they’re also highly collectible…Open, Build, Play!

2014-AA-Global-Capsule-Toy-Premium-DC-Comics-Buildable-Figurines-S2-Wonder-Woman-009 2014-AA-Global-Capsule-Toy-Premium-DC-Comics-Buildable-Figurines-S2-Wonder-Woman-008

Wonder Woman Tee shirt Affiliate post

At TeeFury Tuesday August 5 only! Wonder Bomb by TimShumate. $11 plus $3 shipping.  Available in Women’s sizes on Navy, Royal Blue, Turquoise or Men’s sizes on Navy, Royal Blue, slate. Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.15

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wonde woman shirt

If you like these shirts remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

bombshell wonder woman

Independence Day


Have a safe and happy Independence Day

Batman Tot saves on shakes at Sonic!

Look it’s The Batman!

sonic justice league tots 2

Justice League Tots and Toys at Sonic during June. But the main reason for this post is a reminder that today, June 20 is 1/2 price shakes all day.

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Justice League Target Ad

Shouldn’t Batman have a debit card in his utility belt?

Batman Tot from Sonic.

I finally got a Batman Tot. It took a few visits I got left over flying discs and a Green Lantern Ring & magnet combo before I got my first Justice League series 2 tots. I now have Batman and Wonder Woman tots.

This series has six tots plus four other toys. But that’s not the full collection. The Green Lantern ring comes with one Super Tot Magnet. There are seven magnets, I think one for each Series 2 tot. But there are six tots. What’s the seventh magnet? I don’t know it might be Flash because there’s a Flash tot on the Ring/magnet bag but Flash tot was in last year’s series. So was Wonder Woman but she’s also in series 2. I don’t know if  the 2013 Wonder Woman tot is the same as the 2012 tot. I don’t have a 2012 version to compare the two. Why have her twice? Why not another tot?

Wonder Woman Tot Question Answer by Experience the Wonder.

Wonder Woman Tot is a re-issue of the 2012 “Justice League: Series 1 Tots” Wonder Woman Tot but with a new hair fabric, stitched-in-place tiara and body graphic updates to include recolored star earrings and the addition of a golden lasso. – See more at:

sonic tots

The DC Super Heroes Are Here!
The Justice League has arrived in the Wacky Pack®! Collect Batman™ Tot, The Joker Tot, Wonder Woman Tot, Cheetah Tot, Green Lantern Tot, Sinestro Tot and some very cool Justice League wearables. They’re only in the WackyPack® for a limited time at participating SONIC® Drive-Ins.

The Sonic nearest me has Wacky Wednesday. Each Wednesday Wacky Pack meals are only $1.99. I don’t think all Sonics offer this deal. This one has a sign next to the Menu that advertises the deal. I’ve not seen the sign at other Sonic locations. I ran a search and saw locations in other states that hold Wacky Wednesday for the evening hours.
June 20 is half price shakes all day so that be a good reason to head to Sonic. I’m guessing this is a chain wide deal like their Tax day special but check your local store to be sure.


UPDATE: As I guessed Flash is on the ring magnet bag because he is on a magnet this series. The magnet is shown on this image.
Justice League tots 2

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Thank you to Experience the

Justice League Tots 2013

For June Sonic has Justice League toys. Best of all six Justice League Tots including characters that were missing from last years, set Batman and Green Lantern. There’s also a Wonder Woman, Cheeta, Sinestro and the Joker. Justice League tots 2

I cannot tell if that is a new version of Wonder Woman or not The 2013 image is an illustration while the 2012 pic is a product photo.They look pretty similar. I’ll let you know when I find them at a Sonic.

You may have seen the 2012 tots on my Superman Day part III post back in April

Superman Day part II

Superman 1st appeared in Action Comics #1 on April 18 1938. Which means the Man of Steel is 75 today. This June Superman returns to theaters in The Man Of Steel. I’ll join the celebration by posting pics of some of my Superman toys throughout the day. As I stated earlier Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s will have Superman toys. The toys won’t be available for a few more days but here are some older Superman kids meal toys.

man od steel toys at hardees
From McDonald’s Happy Meals in 1991 Looney Toon Characters as DC Comics Superheroes.

Bugs Bunny as Superbugs.


Bugs Bunny as Superman happy meal toy

Plus more Looney Toon Superhero Mash ups.

Daffy Duck as Batman
Daffy Duck as Batduck.
Petunia Pig as Wonder Pig

and Tazmanian Devil as the Flash.

More information on these at Superman Premiums

Happy Superman Day!

New Light box.

I got a new light box recently. My previous two boxes were home made. They worked pretty well but I needed to upgrade. I wanted a sturdier box, the cardboard one was getting wobbly.
I found a set on ebay. It had the box, four back drops, two lights, and a mini tripod. The light box folds into itself making it portable. Once folded there are pockets to store the backdrops.T01_02

The box had three diffuser sides. The front, bottom and back are open. The carrying case folds back and supports the box. It also keeps the back from being fully opened.There is strip of velcro on the back to attach the backdrops. The backdrops are about a yard long and 16 inches wide. They are a little thin. Since the bottom is open, what ever you place the box on may show through the fabric. I set my box up on chessboard and had to double layer the backdrops to hide the squares.

LEGO Wonder Woman

The set has four back drops white, black, red and blue. They are fabric and are easy to switch between colors. A couple of the backdrops had creases in them. hopefully the creases can come out.

The set also had a small camera tripod. It’s really too small to support my camera. I already have tripods so that didn’t bother me. There are two small lights with the set. Right now my table top studio is set up on a podium, not a table. So I have limited room to test them within my box. I’m really enjoying the results of the box.

LEGO Frodo on horse back

series 8 lego minifig football player

The instructions say the box is from Ls Photostudio I bought it on e-bay from savingtosaving

Wonder Women Special

LEGO Wonder Woman

Wonder Women special on PBS tonight. Check your local listings for Independent Lens.

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines traces the fascinating birth, evolution, and legacy of Wonder Woman, and introduces audiences to a dynamic group of fictional and real-life superheroines fighting for positive role models for girls, both on screen and off.

I’m testing my new lightbox. This is one of the images I shot in it. I’ll post more pics from the light box later this week. These Mini Legs are made for walking post was shot in the new lightbox. I’ll also have something special planned for Thursday. I’m trying to beat my views for this month verses 2012 views. So that means more posts.