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Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 6

Today’s Advent gift is from The Phantom Menace, a mini figure of a Battle Droid, a security battle droid to be exact. There was one in last year calendar as well it was a pilot droid. (See it here) Yoda made short work of it. If they are going to use the calendar for army building I wish it would be Imperial, Rebel, or Clone Armies and not boring droids.This one didn’t even have a weapon. Although last year’s droid image is popular at conventions with the younger generation of fans.

security battle droid

There’s online content as well this year. With each door has a code to enter on LEGO’s SW calendar page. There’s a small animation of the model. It’s like the item building scenes from the LEGO Star Wars Games. I’m already getting searches for advent calendar Lego code so if I get shares or likes,  I’ll post the advent calendar Lego codes for those that want to see.

we cant fit three time as big

Don’t worry about that droids, Yoda is back!

lego yoda battles droids