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What’s in the Bag?

Bad cop wants to know what is in the blindbag. check this page for tips and link for lego and other blind bag toys.

What’s in the Bag?

The blind bags are cool but they can be frustrating finding the figure you want. You may want just one figure from a set. You might want to collect all the figures. or you may want multiples of the same figure for army building. But how can you know what is in the bag? These Blind bags guides can help.

The best I’ve found for LEGO is the Touch Guide in the My Mini’s app. The app coats $1.99 so less than a minifig and its well worth it. no only does it tell you what to feel for it shows you what mini’s you might confuse with it.
The app lets you inventory your figures and you can see figures by theme, series or alphabetically.
lego touch guide

They also have a Star Wars mini-fig app with all the LEGO Star wars mini-figs. My Mini’s app search iTunes for MyMinis or SWMinis.

General Touch guide tips

  • Learn the common parts all figures have. Torso, legs (moveable for most figs, non movable short legs), and a head.
  • You feel for the accessories or body parts that are unique to each figure. sometimes you will need to verify by identify a second part.
  • Take one of the checklists with you to remind you of what items are in the series.
  • Hold the bag by one corner and shake it till the pieces fall to the bottom opposite corner of the bag.
  • Study previous series, A character in the current series might have a similar item as one in a previous series. Ned Flanders has a coffee mug. The computer programmer and gingerbread man has a coffee mug. If you have one of those put the mug in a bag and learn what it feels like.

Disney Series 1 minifigures

Brickfans guide to  minifig distribution per case. Looks like there be 3 or 4 of each figure in each case.

Brickfinder’s touch guide for Disney Minifigures.

Series 15 minifigures

lego minifigs series 15 group shot

The Brick Blogger Touch Guide

Series 14 minifigures: Monsters

series 14 lego minifigers

The Brick Blogger Touch Guide
The Brick Fan Touch Guide.

 Series 13 minifigures

The BrickBlogger series 13 Pictures and details.
The Brick Blogger Touch Guide.
Touch Guide the Brick Fan
EuroBrick’s Series 13 Review and Distribution breakdown
Stepping sideways with bricks review and feel guide.

BrickFinder, a Singapore LEGO Fan Group has made an informative touch guide for series 13.

lego series 13 minifig feel guide

Series 12 minifigures

lego minifigs series 12

EuroBrick’s Series 12 review and distribution breakdown.
Touch Guide by The Brick Fan
The Brick Blogger Review
The Brick Blogger Touch Guide


LEGO-Minifigures-The-SimpsonsThe Simpsons

LEGO Simpsons Bump Codes from Brick and Bloks.
LEGO Simpsons minifigs feel guide from The Brick Fan
Euro Bricks has a great review and distribution breakdown for the Simpsons minfigs.
The My Mini’s app now has a Simpsons Touch guide.
The Brick Blogger’s Simpsons Touch guide

 The LEGO Movie

The Brick Blogger The LEGO Movie touch guide

Previous Series

A touch guide and partial bump codes for series 11.
The Brick Blogger Series 11 Touch guide.
Another short article on feeling the blind bags.
The Brick Blogger has a Touch guide for series 10 LEGO mini figures. Click HERE to read the guide.

Here’s a video with bump codes for LEGO Mini-figs series 8. Bump codes can be hard to see so I use the touch guide. The video also shows placement of each figure in a new box so that can be helpful.

Buy The Fig you want

Don’t want to look for codes or feel bags for parts you can try E-bay. For LEGO mini-figs there is bricklink where many people sell LEGO either by part or in whole sets. You can also find them at Brick conventions or comic conventions.

Mega Bloks, K’nex, and more blind bags

Bricks and Bloks is the best place to find codes. The site has codes for several Mega Bloks and K’nex blind bag series including  Marvel, Angry Birds, Transformers, GI Joe and Halo series. plus he just added codes for World of Warcraft Mega Bloks blind bags.

The Transformers Kre-O are identifiable by codes on the front or back of the bag. Preview series has numbers on the bottom front. Series 1 and after, the code are on the top back of the bag.

Preview Series
214510 Crankstart
214511 Scorponok
214512 Waspinator
214517 Spinister
214518 Galvatron
214519 Sunstorm

Awesome Toy Blog’s Mario Cart blind bag decoder.

Buildable Minion Blind Packs Series I Codes

  • A25094ES – Tall Minion with an ice cream cone
  • A22094ES – Minion with a Banana
  • A21094ES – Purple Minion Long Haired
  • A19094ES – Minion with a Camera
  • A20094ES – Minion with flask
  • A24094ES – Minion disguised as a Purple Minion

via Dollastic

My Little Pony has code guides for several waves of My Little pony plus an explanation on where to find the codes on the packaging. Look it the top right corner for a printable version. It has also been put into an SWF file here. G4 Blind Bag Guide.

Updated Link: Imaginex Blind Bag Codes

To determine What’s in the Bag, look on the back of the bag. In the top left there are a couple numbers. Match those to this list.

Imaginex DC Super Friends

Series 1

  • 81 Red Hood
  • 82 Catwoman
  • 83 Nightwing
  • 84 Batman
  • 85 Two Face
  • 86 Slade
  • 87 Batman (unmasked)
  • 88 Joker
Series 2

  • 89 Brainiac
  • 90 Superman
  • 91 Sinestro
  • 92 Green Lantern (John Stewart)
  • 95 Aquaman
  • 96 Black Manta (unmasked)
Series 3

  • 93 Firestorm
  • 94 Martin Manhunter
  • 97 Vibe
  • 98 Mr Miracle
  • 99 Vixen
  • 00 Hawkgirl
Series 4

  • 55 Superboy
  • 56 Batman
  • 57 Joker in Batsuit
  • 58 Wonder Woman
  • 59 Black Ligthing
  • 60 Robin

A list of regular and DC series Imaginex codes. at My

 Your Thoughts on Collecting

If you know of anymore blind bag codes sites or tips for knowing “What’s in the Bag“,  please post in the comments.


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